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  • TWO beaches, ONE sea

    Kittie and fishie have went to Two different beach towns, however what it had in common is the red sea, kittie headed down to SOUKHNA, while fishie to RAS SUDR

    In SOUKHNA all the usual shinangins went down, in the morning with what I call the double box episode, where you have the icebox for the grey goose and what not, and the boom box for the sultry music. While at night hitting up the exquisite Tabla, and this time, they had a tabla show in tabla! Also spotted at tabla was an A class celebrity who is literally the sweetheart of all the generations, here is a hint her name starts with a Y. But the night did not end at that, a certain fellow did a surprise birthday for a girl, where it was all over the beach, with candle lights right after tabla, with a lot the patrons from tabla itself attending it.

    In RAS SUDR the wind dropped to zero, yet I was bummed that I didn’t get my first kite surfing class, but none the less decided to head out there for some r&r time… And while just hanging out in the soul kite surfing center, I had a lot of time to think about how kite surfing is slowly but surely becoming one of the fashionable new sports to hit up Egypt in the past few years, when you think about it, we already have two Egyptians djs that I know of who enjoy riding the board, namely Aly Awadi and Samba… And when dealwaty deal went on, already 8 new people booked it, me included, so here we are going to get us 8 new surfers. But that wasnt only what I was thinking about, I just kept thinking how this kite surfing scene, is chill and down to earth and more importantly cheap in monetary value, I mean we had for lunch 4 Bacardi cokes, 2 sakara, and 2 burgers and that set us back like 210 Egyptian pounds and at night we had like 10 single vodka red bulls, 4 doubles, and a pizza and I think the cheque was like 430 Egyptian pounds. So when you think of it that’s a great value for Money, for an out of city escape for this price. One thing important to note about this venue, they close in the first week of November, then reopen from march onwards.