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  • Twitter to Become ‘More Like Facebook’ with Algorithmic Timeline


    If you’ve had your ear to the ground of the tech industry, you’ll know that the once revolutionary Twitter is in a bit of a mess these days. Having fallen behind Facebook, Instagram, et al, in the proverbial social media game over the last few years, 2016 isn’t looking like it’s going to be much better for the platform, which launched in 2006.

    Following the news that four executives left the company last month, those left on the sinking ship are set to make some pretty major changes to the core of Twitter – according to Buzzfeed – by introducing an algorithmic timeline that will prioritise and ‘elevate’ popular content, similar to that of Facebook – as soon as this month.

    What this would mean is that the reverse chronological order that Tweets appear on your timeline could be no more, which has angered many Twitter users…

    But the move is believed to be more than just an attempt to catch-up with Facebook, as the above Tweet suggests; it’s widely believed at Twitter headquarters that the platform has a noise-to-signal ratio problem that can’t be solved in its current form – ‘signal’ being what users consider as valuable or useful information and ‘noise’ being everything else.

    But for Twitter loyalists – and there are still plenty of them – if this plays out exactly how they fear it will, Twitter’s new direction will come at the expense of what niche appeal it still has.

    By Lance Uppercut