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  • Tutan-car-mun: Brazilian Man Buries His Bentley ‘Like the Pharaohs’


    Ancient Egypt has given the world so many valuable things; beer, paper, eye make-up and even condoms. Our Pharaonic ancestors have basically equipped us for a great night out. But one Brazilian man may have taken it too far.

    Let’s just get one thing out of the way first: ‘bury his Bentley’ isn’t a sexual innuendo – this guy has actually buried his car.

    Claiming to have been inspired by Ancient Egyptian rituals he saw in a documentary, the eccentric 62 year old millionaire businessman of Italian decent, who goes simply by ‘Count Scarpa’, wants to enjoy his $200,000 Bentley Flying Spur in the after life.

    The act has seemingly been inspired by Scarpa’s own experiences of death. In 2009, a rather nasty stomach bug sent Scarpa into a coma for two months, during which he was thought to be on the verge of death on two occasions.

    I just have one question: how is he going to get gas in the afterlife?