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  • Turn Your Balcony into a Sanctuary with These 10 Ideas


    The weather is getting warmer and people are starting to remember they have balconies. However, this area of the house is often overlooked and underrated. Let’s face it, cement just isn’t appealing. There are tricks, though, to turn that concrete box into your personal haven. 

    Make the most of your outdoor (or enclosed) space with these ten tweaks: 


    Give it Some Grass


    Give your balcony a ‘garden’ feel by laying artificial grass flooring.
    It’s easy to clean and brings a bit of nature to the concrete jungle. 


    Match the Ceiling to the Floor


    By matching the texture of the floor and ceiling, you give the space a polished, ‘put together’ look. 
    Swap cement for wood paneling for a more natural feel. 


    Run a Rug Along the Floor


    Adding a rug is a simple, yet often overlooked, way to upgrade your balcony. 
    Bonus points if it matches the other accessories. 


    Create a Canopy


    If a paneled ceiling is too much of a stretch, hang a canopy as a ‘cozy’ accent. 
    This can be done with a sturdy fabric– like canvas –and a few hooks.
    Have it flat across the ceiling, or coming down at an angle. 


    Cover with Curtains


    Whether you want to add a little style or a bit of privacy to your balcony, curtains will do the trick.
    Make sure they are easy to remove so you can wash them every now and then. 


    Use the Vertical Space


    Whether you hang family photos or a painting, utilizing wall-space can make all the difference.
    Hang a shelf or two to get the most out of your vertical space. 


    Furnish with Collapsible Furniture


    If space is an issue, folding furniture will save the day. 
    Simply pack it away when not in use. 


    Make it Pretty with Hanging Planters

    Vertical clay pot garden. DIY by The Horticult / Ryan Benoit Des

    Limited for floor space? Suspend your flowers from the ceiling or on the wall with hanging planters or a trellis. 


    DIY a Pond in a Pot


    Add an aquatic element to your balcony and make your own pond in a pot


    Flourish with Fairy Lights


    You can never have too many fairy lights.
    Hang them from the ceiling, along the walls, or on the railing for a touch of magic. 


    It’s as simple as adding a rug, flowers and fairy lights! You have no excuse to neglect your balcony now. 

    By Salma Thanatos Rizk