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  • Tom Hanks Snubs Egyptian Tourism Minister


    El Watan News has reported that Tom Hanks has unleashed his inner diva and ruffled the feathers of Egyptian Minister of Tourism, Hisham Zazou during his visit to Egypt this week.

    Sources from within the Ministry of Tourism have revealed that Zazou had wanted to recruit Hanks as a temporary ambassador, of sorts, for Egypt’s ailing tourism industry and subsequently threw a hissy-fit when his gracious dinner invite was rejected.

    The move marks a strange visit for Hanks, who was in Hurghada filming scenes for his latest acting role in A Hologram for the King; the Oscar-winning actor essentially lived on a boat during his stay - said to be owned by a Lebanese friend - surrounded himself with ten bodyguards  and seemed reluctant to do any sightseeing.

    To be honest, I can't blame him - there are some weird, weird people in Hurghada.