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  • Tolerate! Don’t Hate!

    Some times it just pisses me off how people keep talking about how we need a democracy and all, and the minute they hear something they do not like they start screaming and shaming others. 

    Its really frustrating how people think that we should move to a democracy by changing “el nezam” constantly when they dont realize the thing that needs to be changed first before el nezam is PEOPLE’s attitude.

    In my humble opinion people are not generally accepting of views that do not match their own. Which usually leads to fights, even worse than fights, stupid facebook arguements! 

    For example i dont write much about politics which i am actually criticized for , however do you know the reason why i dont? Well, I do not like to bullshit!! or as we love to call it FATYE , i am no expert when it comes to politics, so my political opinion where it might be valid on a personal level, but I should NOT be using it on a public platform like cairogossip preaching something, which might turn out to be wrong, or pure FATYE

    However I use the cairogossip platform to preach for what i know where  it might be nightlife, social events, social news, or just report some of the real news as they are with out giving an opinion or commentary on it. 

    Some do see that as negative thing, but the thing people fail to realize that this night life, this social events are part of the egyptian economy. Each of these venues or event organzing companies on average has a staff of 20, so when i talk about the scene, i am actually talking about 100s of jobs.

    Do you realize you can go out be social and be productive at the same time? People always associate drinking in a bar with being anti-productive, airheaded, stupid, and lacking of a cause. Did you know that some of the ideas to help this community was conceived while drinking in a pub or so. I am talking ideas such a blood donating company, or a new website that is being built to help the society by connecting with people the means to the people with the needs. 

    So here is a request from me, when you see something you dont like, before you go all berserk on it and go negative on its ass, think is it worth it ? Are you just being negative for the sake of being negative or are you saying something constructive ? Are you being tolerant of another peson opinion ? Then after that if you still feel you need to go berserk, well its your RIGHT, go ahead.