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  • The interview with the Fashion KINGPIN: << T.M.

    Timmy Mowafi.
    Yes thats it. Timmy Mowafi.
    I repeat Timmy Mowafi.
    That name is a brand in itself, i personally think GreaterThanFashion.com Should have been Called Timmy’sCloset.com. The boy is eccenteric, and you can see that in his personal fashion, and even his friends fashion. But since, its called GreaterThanFashion, i am calling this interview … THE INTERVIEW WITH FASHION KINGPIN.
    • You were the first MO from the MO4 behind Greater than ? True or False ?
    • Why did they all jump in? where they like fuck timmy is right this is a great idea ?
      No all the ideas and websites we have feed off each other, especially in terms of marketing & website development, so Greater Than would not exist if there was no MO4 Network . But there is a bit of that ‘I told you so’ element ha ha
    • How do you choose brands in the online shop?
      Well at first I was constantly visited by an Agloolik named Dennis, who used to come to me in my sleep and reveal to me coolest street-style brands from around the world. After he died of tennis elbow I had to find more traditional methods of buying and trend forecasting. Up steps the brilliant  buying team of myself and my partner Rady (not a MO). Which seemed like a good idea at first until we realized we probably no jack s**t about womenswear. At which point our new buyer Bosaina, who’s probably more experienced than anyone else I know in the field, came on board. Everyone involved is constantly scouring the interwebz and beyond for new ideas and ranges.
    • Whats your most sold item ?
      Flashbags, Fame On You T-Shirts and the new Quaye Eyewear line looks like it’s going to fly off the imaginary shelves 

    • have you ever received weird requests, if so give examples ?
      Someone tweeted @GREATERFASHION “When will you stock Ed Hardy”. To which we replied “Never. 7dl”
    • what do you say when people compare you to other online shopping sites like Bunglow H and style treasure?
      I think it’s brilliant that all these fashion stores are popping up on line, the more Egyptians that shop virtually in general the more it benefits us as an industry in the long term. I think rarely will you find a product on GreaterThanFashion that is also sold elsewhere online. Maybe only a few cases. Otherwise I think where we stand out is that we don’t really step into that oriental market at all which the likes of styletreasure and bungalow are very strong at. We try to stick to younger, fresher and more exciting fashion and street-style trends.
    • who is the one deisgner you would kill to have?
      Um, Bathing Ape or maybe something more high end like Maison Martin Margiela. But I wouldn’t kill to have them, maybe like flick someone’s ear at most.
    • who is the one model you would kill to have ?
      Kate Upton or Zombie Boy
    • how many cats make one jeremey scott shoes?
      Not all the street cats in masr gededa can make up a Jeremy Scott sneaker
    • can i get jeremy scott made out of real fur ?
      If you have a hunting knife and are very determined than why not
    • why the fuck is it called greater than fashion ?
      Dude you asked me this in the last interview I think? I think this time I’ll go with, it’s a pseudo conceptual meta-physical dynamic between consumerism and our collective conscience.
    • How long has this brand been under developnment ?
      Since the womb
    • Why dont you have baby wear, since you have the hippest niece in town, you can start taking fashion advice from her?
      Ha ha, yeah my niece has inspired us to go down the baby apparel market very soon. Maybe she can start her modeling career then.