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  • Timmy asks Fishie

    Ok so today Timmy Mowafi has decided to spin things differently and interview fishie, instead of the regular fishie interviewing people!!! and well he came up with some actually nice questions !! check out the inteview below


    Why aren’t you called Kairo Bossip?
    The Letters K and B are not Sexy enough, K does not have any curves and B is too bee2a, I hate those two letter in the alphabit!!

    Do you feel any guilt for somewhat fueling such vices as shallowness, materialism and idolism in our society?
    Ok so on a serious note, yes I do actually, which is why sometimes I try to push on the blog non-shallow articles, and try to shed some light on the how much we end up spending, if you look at the blog post that was titled money talk, you would have noticed that we on average spend between 100,000-144,000 a year on going out and so forth. I am planning on trying to get more into the money issue in more details in the future. I am actually looking to sit with some financial analysts to have interview with them and to come up with money saving tips.
    But again yes, I acknowledge as a byproduct of cg saying when are events happening and that being majorly the cg focus, that it portrays a shallow kind of life, that people who are impressionable can easily follow.

    If I gave you 1 million LE would you drown a bag of kittens?
    No, you know that kittie in cg is my bestie, so I would not drawn her siblings !!!!

    Are you sure? No one would ever know you did it…
    YES, OF COURSE I AM SURE, plus you know 1 million doesn’t get you anything nowadays, it cant even buy a town house in Sodic’s Allegria, maybe an apartment in Sodic’s Casa.
    But what I would I do with a million pounds…. Hmmmm I would invest it somewhere I guess, they say gold prices keep going so why not buy something PRECIOUS !!! 

    Why didn’t you come to my birthday at Indigo you nob?
    Oh you know, I was out of the country … .but shhh that’s a secret, cairogossip is suppose to be 24.7 in cairo. 

    What do you think is the main reason people go out clubbing here?
    A. The music
    B. Nothing better to do
    C. To get Laid
    Hmmmmmm I would go for B! nothing better to do…  with respect to all our famous DJs, the music is pretty much repetitive and they don’t venture into new music. Regarding the getting laid part… OH PLEASE, AS IF. Most of them are all talk and no action. 

    What made you want to start CG?
    I was bored, and I challenged myself. To be honest I have no idea….  I had nothing better todo. And it wasn’t suppose to be this size, it was suppose to be small…. But who knew an experiment two years ago, will attract Timmy’s attention to interview me. I mean now I know I have made it big because you interviewed me!

    Out of Tazkarty.Net, Dealwaty.Com, CairoZoom.com and Cairoscene.com which is your favorite website and why?
    Dealwaty, because I actually use it! I like saved a few thousands so far, from booking the bistro deal, the proslim deal, and the kite surfing deal. So yea… dealwaty it is… I think you guys should start marketing dealwaty as a lifestyle more than a deal site. 

    What is the meaning of life?
    If I knew the answer to this question, I would have been a world renowned philosopher, with best seller books, booked for seminars till the end of life, and living in billions of dollars. Sadly I don’t know the answer. If I had to give a wild guess though, I would have said, meaning of life, is to leave a mark in the world, and don’t die as if you didn’t exist. Create something productive to change the world, or help in such a thing, sitting by and letting life pass by you is just sad.

    Favorite sit down restaurant in Cairo?
    I like to hang out in Wings in Flavors (WIF), and no not because its owned by one of my friends, but because I actually can do some work there, and be productive.
    But if you are asking for a restaurant that serves drinks then I have two, La Trattoria in zamalik, and Birdcage which is thai restaurant in semiramis

    Do your parents/relatives know that you are Gossip Girl?
    Not really

    There seems to be a flood of new man and women children trying to emulate the original CG. Are you not tempted to leave feces on their proverbial twitter doorsteps or do you welcome the ‘competition’?
    Hahaha as much as I am tempted, I actually welcome the competition, do you know how much pressure it is to be the only source of event gossip online. I have to know everything, at least when scene and heard was here, if I missed something they knew about it, in a way we complimented each other. 

    What is the best freebie you got just for being CG or promoting something?
    My first freebie was my best freebie, so you know for the most part I usually pay for the events that I go to, I don’t usually get invites (I know shocking!!!)
    So my first freebie was when I was on my way to byganz white party last summer, and I was about to pay for the tickets, he told me I don’t have to pay this time. I was like damn MY FIRST INVITE !!!!

    Is it true that the old Scene-Heard.com was infact a 3 headed monster creature named Angusa who lived in a layer under the Nile?
    I actually missed my Angusa !!! I want scene-heard.com back !!! I don’t think of Angusa as a monster, just a mis-understood creature with a tough exterior and a soft yummy warm heart.