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  • This Year’s Beauty Trends are Here to Slay


    Forget everything you know about putting your face on, ladies, because contouring and stenciled brows are out. That’s right, you can relax this year because 2017′s beauty trends are a lot more chill and low-maintenance (fingers crossed the political and economic climate will mirror this!)

    Don’t chuck out your beauty blenders just yet, though, but give them a good scrubbing and get that bronzer off.
    Here are the top ten beauty trends of 2017 that will make you more bae than Queen Bey herself: 


    The ‘Baby Face’ 


    Enough with the sharp shadowing; Vogue has declared that it’s time to kill the contour in favour of the ‘Baby Face’ look. 
    The cute, “plumped-cheek” look is characterized by dewy skin achieved with a light primer or BB cream and a lack of using bronzer to create deep shadows and hallows around the face. It’s definitely not a no-makeup look, though, as features are accented to look doll-like with lush lashes, pearly pink lips, and of course, a rose flush of blush or light dusting of copper (which will be a hot eyeshadow shade, too).


    Lavishly Long Locks


    New motto for 2017: Long hair, don’t care.
    Well, it’s going to require a little care….  Create the sleek look with hair gel, or coconut oil as a healthy alternative, and a touch of hairspray for hold.


    Negative Space Eyeliner


    The fashion forward cut-out trend is not just for tops– it’s now on our eyelids, making us feel magnificently mod. 
    And it’s oh-so-simple, too; just line your eyes as usual, but instead of putting a dark shadow in the crease for definition, opt for another line there, just below the brow bone. 


    Blurred-Lined Lips


    Getting that perfectly-lined pout is no easy feat. But you can forget about it now *exhale*, because an effortless blrurred lip is what everyone will be wearing this year. 
    Fill in your lips with lipstick, stain or gloss as usual, and smudge around your lip-line with a blender (or your finger, if you’re in a rush or just damn lazy). Bonus points if you add a little more product to the centre, creating an ombre effect.


    Microbladed Brows


    Think about how long you actually spend on your brows. Imagine if you could just wake up with them tidy, filled in and in shape….
    Head over to your nearest Kriss Beauty Salon, and have that dream come true. Microblading specialist, Rita Yazbeck is available for appointments this January!


    Shimmery Strobing


    Highlight that half-halo! And add a touch of sheer gloss (vaseline or coconut oil are a good sub) for a glorious glow.


    Blorange Hair


    Upgrade your Blonde Bombshell look, and go strawberry blonde, or ‘blorange’. This shade works for most skin tones (except olive!) and brings back fond Sabrina the Teenage Witch memories. 


    Purple Pouts 


    Last Fall’s wine shade for lips has taken berry-tinged turn. Swap your deep reds this year for plum shades, or even go for a lilac lip if you dare. 


    Amber-toned Shadows


    Enhance those pretty peepers this year with amber shades. A copper shadow works on all eye colours and highlights those little flecks of light in your irises.
    Potential upcycle for your contour kit. 


    Short, Sheer Nails


    If you haven’t had a gel manicure yet, you are missing out. No need for those acrylic extensions, though; the trend for your talons this year is to keep ‘em short and round (mirroring the shape of your cuticle). Go for a light, soft colour, or opt for a clear coat with a touch of glitter for a sophisticated look. 


    Those are the top ten beauty trends for the year. We feel gorgeous already.
    Got any tips yourself? Let us know in the comments! 


    By Salma Thanatos Rizk