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  • This New Application Will Help Women Fix Their Cars, Alone!


     We do know it bothers women when men say they don’t know how to drive; or that they can’t fix their cars, and know nothing about its mechanics. But, a group of six students at MIU University decided that this has to stop.

    The research conducted by Habiba Azab, Yasmine Mohamed, Sherry Gamal, Shady Gamal, Yara Mohamed, and Sara Gaafar, showed that the relationship between women and their car is a love-hate relationship. Of course, the car is essential in their lives, but if something bad happens, 80% of them will suddenly hate it, and will call their father, brother, or boyfriend to ask what’s gone wrong. In another words, their car is more like their sugar-daddy, they use it to go places, but they don’t actually like it *wink*.

    This love-hate relationship between women and their cars is due to the troubles they go through with car mechanics. Their research indicated that four out of five specialised car mechanics admitted scamming women for more money. All of this normally happens when car mechanics feel that women are clueless about what it costs to fix a car. 50% of women avoid calling a car mechanic in the first place due to the aforementioned reason.

    Hence, this group of six decided to create an app, “Mechaliky,” that acts as a platform for women empowerment by guiding them through fixing their cars, without depending on strangers/potential harassers & scammers.


    This app is set to make all women understand more about mechanics, and to communicate better with their cars when they are in trouble. If the issue with the car can only be fixed by a mechanic, the app will provide the woman with trusted service centers and car mechanics.

    The app will generally raise awareness on the common issues related to the cars, and will also offer all price ranges of spare part distributors, the car model information, and probably everything you need to know about your car.

    We’re really supporting this project, and we also have a huge faith that it’s going big! Currently they are seeking a deal with TOTAL, they have backup plans with Volkswagen, and they have been contacted by Vroom Magazine to present the idea to the Ministry of Transportation for possible sponsorship.

    These women (and man) are serious about this project, so support them through their Facebook and Instagram @Mechaliky. Then wait for the app to launch so you can say goodbye to the one thing you need a man to repair!

    By Sara Mosharef