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  • This New App is Changing How Egypt’s Blind Interact with the World


    Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you lost your sense of sight? How would you get around? Would you be swindled by shopkeepers and taxi drivers? How would you know how to pay for things without help from someone you can trust? How would you recharge your phone credit if you couldn’t read the 14-digit code?!

    These are seemingly simple accomplishments for those of us who can see, but not so simple for those in Egypt who cannot.

    However, the issue is about to be resolved; Vodafone Egypt has launched a mobile application that aids the visually impaired & blind, in an effort to make its services all-inclusive. ‘E3rafli’ enables impaired users to identify colours & objects, from taxi metres to supermarket registers to phone credit scratch-cards, by simply pointing their phone’s camera at the selected item and listening to the automated voice interpretation.

    Watch how it works:

    The app was conceptualised by Abd ElGhany Barakat – a blind Vodafone employee – and developed by Extreme Solutions software development company.

    ‘E3rafli’, which loosely translates as ‘guide me’, launched at the Cairo ICT conference last year and aims to make daily tasks and actions that most people take for granted less of an ordeal for those who cannot see.

    According to the World Health Organization, Egypt has approximately 1 million blind people and 3 million visually impaired. Nearly 60% of the visually impaired in Egypt have cataracts, a condition which requires a surgical procedure to correct.

    For more on ‘E3rafli’, click here.

    By Salma Thanatos Rizk