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  • This Lebanese Award Show was the Most Awkward Thing Ever…


    If the Oscars have taught us anything about award shows, it’s that they require precise planning and fine tuning and that one little mistake can send everything tumbling down – something that happened spectacularly at this year’s edition of Lebanese award show, Murex d’Or, which was held on May 28th.

    Having launched in 2000, Murex d’Or aims to recognise achievements in the arts and this year’s ceremony was attended by some of the biggest names in music, film, media and more. Everything was set for a glamorous evening, but it transpired to be a car crash of a show – here are five moments that the organizers will want to forget about soon.

    Director Speaks Up Against Murex d’Or, Organisers Try to Drown Him Out with Music

    Lebanese film, Film Kteer Kbeer, has been impressing on the festival circuit this year and was recognised by Murex for its quirky story of a small-time drug dealer and underrated movie director. However, once he took to the stage, director Alain Saade tore Murex a new one, calling the awards ‘corrupt’ – ouch – before music was played over his speech in attempt to drown him out and force him off the stage.

    Angham Shuns Fans


    Although she won awards for Best Arab Singer and Best Song, Egyptian star, Angham, was certainly not in a celebratory mood, after very publicly and unapologetically refusing to take photos with fans, as everyone had expected. It resulted in some rather disappointed red faces. She was also said to be visibly unimpressed at Haifa Wehbe’s Best Arab Actress award win – she might have a point with that one, though.

    Halima Poland Doesn’t Kiss

    Former model and popular television personality, Halima Poland, is a big deal in her native Kuwait; as she took to the stage, the award-winner was helped up the steps by one of the presenters Michel Azzi, which is awfully nice of him. A boisterous Azzi moved in for congratulatory peck-on-the-cheek, only for Poland to pull back – awkward. He handled it pretty smoothly, though.

    Nawal El Zoghby has a Hissy-Fit

    Lebanese popstar, Nawal El Zoghbi, didn’t have a great night either. After taking to the stage to pick up her award, there was some confusion over what she actually won, as the category was read out wrongly by ‘a lost and confused’ award presenter – yeah, it’s all kind of confusing and you can see it unravel as the mystery presenter follows her from the crowd. For El Zoghbi, it was enough to send her over the edge; though her team have come out and said that she was due to fly to Qatar, insiders believe she left the ceremony immediately after the incident because she was offended by the mix-up.

    Samira Saeed FORCED to Sing

    Possibly the greatest awkward-moment in the history of award ceremonies. After winning the award for Best Album, Moroccan star, Samira Saeed, was basically forcibly given a microphone as her song, Hawa, Hawa, started to play, as a confused Saeed quickly realised that she was expected to sing. In one of the most awkward moments of the night, Saeed tried her best to go with the flow, before giving up and stopping the song – which she was lip-syncing to. It’s amazing.

    We can’t wait till next year…

    By Kalam El Qahaira