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  • This Innovative Orange Egypt Ad Lets You Choose the Background Music


    Promoting their music streaming app, Ghaneely, Orange Egypt has dropped this awesome-sauce video ad in which there’s a montage of Gangnam Style-esque dancing in random locations. The gimmick: the dancing is set to the natural sound of the locations (e.g. factory noise, the inundating Nile…).

    Createdby FP7 Cairo, the ad features a link in the video description that takes you to a page where you have a choice of different genres of music to set the video to, each track giving the video a unique vibe.

    The app – a collaboration between Orange and Rotana  – allows Orange customers to stream and download videos, ringtones and call-tones. To subscribe, download Ghaneely and dial 9988.

    The ad is definitely innovative and engaging; kudos to the creative team at FP7 Cairo.  Check it out here.

    By Salma Thanatos Rizk