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  • This Egyptian Couple Got The Best Valentine’s Present from IKEA


    If you’ve been to IKEA recently, you’ll have noticed the difference in their price point compared to before the fall of the Egyptian Pound. Yes, times are tough and even the furniture retailer famous for its affordability has had to adjust.

    However, for Ibrahim, a teacher on a fixed salary, adjusting hasn’t been simple; Ibrahim has been engaged to his fiancée for two years, but hasn’t been able to afford to furnish their future home. However, there is a glimmer of hope! 

    IKEA recently teamed up with Meshwar Organization for Community Development this Valentine’s Day to help out the struggling couple to make a life for themselves in the harsh economy. Together, they furnished Ibrahim and his fiancée’s entire flat, in an act of major altruism. 


    “IKEA is always keen to play an active role in the community, as we strongly believe of the importance of creating ‘A better everyday life for as many people’,” says IKEA Egypt Country Manager Adosh Sharma.


    In Egyptian society, not having the means to furnish a flat can often spell the end of the relationship. Thanks to IKEA and Meshwar, this won’t be the case for the lucky couple. 

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    “We are so pleased to be able to extend a hand,” says Sharma. “Valentine’s is a celebration of love, and we have decided to celebrate it with Ibrahim and his fiancée.”

     Thank God for altruism (and IKEA!). Can we be next, please?

    By Salma Thanatos Rizk