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  • This Dress From Elie Saab’s New Collection Was Inspired by Domyat


    Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab’s Spring-Summer 2017 couture collection payed homage to the Middle East & North Africa, particularly, our very own city of Domyat.

    Many of the gowns feature Islamic vector patterns, pharaonic necklines, and cultural motifs, with one in particular drawing on inspiration from Domyat, depicting the city’s palm trees and sailboats. 


    The intricate piece, which features 5,000 sequins and 1,000 hand-embroidered crystals, took three weeks to complete with approx. 140 hours spent embroidering the gown. 
    Take a closer look:

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    In an interview with Vogue, Saab said he drew inspiration for the line from Egypt’s and the Levant’s glory days, or the “Arab epoch”, as he calls it. 

    “People were able to express themselves and their creative talents in theatre, art, journalism, music, and cinema, transforming Egypt into a hub for progress and allowing Arabic culture to flourish,” Saab told Vogue. 

    The collection boasts Islamic and pharaonic motifs, but Saab also drew upon the Parisian side of his life to give it a modern touch.


     View all the looks from Elie Saab’s Spring-Summer 2017 Couture runway show here: 


    By Salma Thanatos Rizk