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  • This Beer Spa in Prague Looks Awesome


    Life is tough. It’s kind of a drag, too – like, what’s the point? What’s it all about? Call me an alcoholic, but one of the few pleasures left in life is a nice ice-cold beer to make the booboos go away. But what if I told you that beer can be so much more than your future vomit? What if I told you that beer can be more than the lubricant that opens up the gates of conversation with that hot piece of ass you’ve been staring at in Cairo Jazz Club every Monday for the past month?

    One spa in Prague is harnessing the hidden powers of beer to great effect, based on practices from the Middle Ages. The Beer Spa Bernard is quickly becoming a hit for its unusual beer bath, massage and relaxation treatment which it claims purifies your internal body through your pores. The spa also claims that the beer baths help blood circulation, your immune system and digestion problems, as well as moisturising the skin to a silky smooth touch and strengthening your hair.

    That all sounds well and good and I like to think that I’m the kind of person to try everything once, but the main perk of the experience, however, is that you are served unlimited beer and it’s not that expensive either, with a treatment for one costing around 770LE.

    So let’s break this down; beer bath, massage, unlimited beer, 770LE – that sounds like a better night than trying to get with that hotty at the bar.

    Photos courtesy of The Beer Spa Bernard.