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  • Think Positive: Why Egypt Is Great This week!


    It is not often that we brag or think positive when it comes to anything other than partying, but here we are, getting out of our comfort zone and thinking beyond the negative and cynical. Today, we have realised that it has been a great week for our country, and we have decided to share with you every reason why we think it is.

    We are expecting a ban of trucks from the Ring Road; we’re getting 1 million tablets for secondary students; we’re not swimming in debt as some countries are; our national team is getting a former Real Madrid defender to coach; we have great parties every week; Cairo International Jazz Festival is returning; we have just unearthed a village that predates the Pharaohs; Mo Salah is one of three nominees for FIFA’s Best Player in the World Award’; Egypt’s official ballet company is participating in the Chinese international folk performances; and we’ve had only two hiccups (with pollution and population increase), just how awesome is all of that?

    And just when you think you are done with the list, there is one more thing to add. According to the General Manager at Hilton Luxor Resort and Spa, Florian Gruhl, the tourism sector has finally seen a great improvement, Daily News Egypt (DNE) reported.

    The man who has brought the good news added, in his interview with DNE, that tourism is back in Egypt, with over 8 million tourists coming here in 2017 and 2018, and this is all because people are feeling safe again. So hey, you guys need to stop saying it’s not safe, we’ve got proof that states otherwise!

    After Hilton Luxor Resort and Spa won the TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Award 2018, The Cristal Hygiene Award 2018, and the Booking.com Guest Review Award 2017, they have got a plan for the upcoming 5 years in order to always stay on the top.

    By Sara Mosharef & Adel M. Fakhry

    Cover by Mahmoud Hawary (Humans of Upper Egypt)