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  • Things To Look Forward To In 2019


    If you feel like the new year swooped in really quickly, and January has already been happening since forever, yet it doesn’t end; you’ve arrived at the right place. Because we, ever your loyal gossip whisperers, have decided to take a look at what is yet to come, and remind you of the things that we’ve all been waiting for, for so long we forgot we were even waiting!

    1. WATCH

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    We can all agree that waiting for a series’ newest season that you’ve been binge-watching is a big pain in anyone’s ass. So without any further ado, to all the hardcore fans out there, rejoice, for 2019 has officially begun, and it brought with it what all we Netflix-ers and binge-watchers have been waiting for (illegal torrenters, you will burn in hell).

    - The new ‘Star Wars’  movie

    - Alita-Battle Angel

    - GOT’s last season

    - ‘Avengers Endgame’, and all the other Marvel movie releases like Captain Marvel 

    - ‘Stranger Things’ season three

    - New Disney movie remakes releases

    - ‘You’ second season

    2. LISTEN

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    We can whole-heartedly say that this year, there are a lot of artists who have already been working hard; spitting lines, rhyming tunes, and hitting beats which we’ll all get to devour when their albums are released! Get your headphones, and your car radios ready for greatness, boys and girls. Here are all the artists who have announced their new album releases.

    - Rihanna
    - Lana Del Rey
    - Adele
    - Kanye West
    - Cardi B
    - Childish Gambino
    - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    - Dua Lipa
    - Tame Impala
    - Bastille
    - Vampire Weekend
    - Karen O & Danger Mouse’s musical collaboration
    - 1975 

    3. BE THERE

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    A new year always brings new gifts, and for this part, let’s get down to business! These are the hottest events that have been announced (so far) for 2019!

    - Gouna International Film Festival (Sep)

    - Red Hot Chili Peppers concert (in 2 months)

    - Oscars’19

    - Our big Sis, Cairo360’s Anniversary (a few months left)

    - African Cup of Nations (June)

    - COPA

    - The Burning Man Festival


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    Now naturally, a new year could also mean new awesome shit to buy. So, this is a heads up for all our bank accounts, here are the things that’ll get you screaming “take my money, I must have you!”

    - The Samsung S10 (release date: 20 Feb) & Note10 (release date TBD)

    - The new iPhone (Whatever number they choose to call it. Release date TBD)

    5. MUST TRY

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    Things never stay the same. And a new year’s arrival is bound to bring up new stuff; new activities, new places to go, and new things to try. We’re super ready, are you?

    Soul Chips is a definite must-try Food

    Footpark is Egypt’ First ‘Football’ Theme Park in New Cairo’s Maxim Mall

    - New Super Mario Bros Deluxe video game

    - Red Dead Redemption PC Version’s release


    By Dina Khafagy