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  • Things to Do in Cairo This Ramadan Weekend


    It’s with surprising sadness that we embark on the last week of Ramadan. Yes, we can’t wait to blast ourselves into oblivion on the beach during Eid, but Ramadan 2015 has been a little different. Weekends have been littered with entertainment, the kheyam have stepped the game up and we’ve come to realise that Ramadan can be fun – no, seriously, it’s true. This weekend follows suit, with some of the biggest bands and performers coming out to play at Galleria40, Darb1718, Eat & Barrel and more.


    One of the biggest events of the weekend is happening at an unlikely venue – 6th of October City’s lush loitering location, Galleria40, which is set to host three consecutive nights of quintessential Egyptian entertainment, with the likes of Mahmoud El Leithy, Saad El Soghayer and Ahmed Adaweya, as well as Abu, performing.

    MAWAWEEL 2015 CLOSER @ DARB 1718

    Universally lauded as being the best edition so far, this year’s Mawaweel has been bigger and better than ever, with some of the biggest music acts in the country having performed. This weekend, the alternative Ramadan experience bids adieu with the help of cutey-pie, Osama El Hady, the Afro-infused music of Hawidro and the dizzying spinners of El Mawlaweya.


    Massar Egabri have been busy in the studio over Ramadan, but the Alexandrian band have found time to perform several gigs around the capital – the latest of which is set to take place at Eat & Barrel‘s kitschy Ramadan kheima, Ramadan Fel Harra.


    One of the dreamier-feeling tents this Ramadan, La Gourmandise, is set to welcomes a man that won many a heart, mind and loin during his run on Arab Idol, satin-haired singer, Mohamed Rashad, for his last performance at Four Seasons First Residence-run kheima.

    The second of two special nights at Eat & Barrel‘s Ramadan Fel Harra this weekend embraces a quintessential and authentic sound, as the inimitable Hegazy Metkal takes to the stage – probably in one of his many pimped-out galabeyas – alongside Hassaballah.

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