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  • These Are a Few of Mark Somers’ Favourite Things


    At Cairo Gossip, we like to get up close and personal with Egypt’s VIPs. After all, they’re human just like you.
    Mark Somers has been gracing Cairo’s airwaves since 2013 when he joined NileFm to present The Morning Show. This Yorkshire lad has come a long way since his days reading the chemist rota.
    We sat down with Somers to find out what makes the radio presenter tick.
    These are a few of his favourite things:

    Favourite colour: Purple

    Favourite shape: Circle

    Favourite sound: The sound the cash machine makes when dispensing money.

    Favourite song: U2 – Mysterious Ways.

    Favourite food: Cheesy fries

    Favourite drink: Cocktails

    Favourite hang-out spot: Maadi

    Favourite celebrity: Ian McKellen

    Favourite TV show/series: House, at the moment.

    Favourite movie: *Laughs* It’s really embarrassing; Meet Joe Black. Brad Pitt plays ‘Death’ and Anthony Hopkins has to show him around. I really like it; makes me cry like a baby every time.

    Favourite sport: I’m not very sporty, but I actually like snooker.

    Favourite radio station [that’s NOT NileFm!]: I like news; I listen to BBC Radio 4.

    Favourite news anchor: Jeremy Paxman (BBC)

    Favourite item of clothing you own: Any flannel shirt. They’re all I wear!

    Favourite commercial: Christmas adverts in the UK.

    Favourite animal: It has to be cats, doesn’t it… I used to hate cats—thought they were horrible, evil—until I came to Egypt and my flatmate brought one and I fell in love with it.  

    Favourite media outlet: Huffington Post

    Favourite book: I like autobiographies and there’s Alastair Campbell’s Diaries—he was the press secretary to Tony Blair, and he wrote a diary every day. I find those fascinating.

    Favourite fan art: Oh, there are loads of those and they’re very cool. I never had that, actually, until I moved here. Somebody put my face on Superman, and it made me laugh.


    Now you know!

    By Salma Thanatos Rizk
    Cover image by Fatheya El-Sisi