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  • The Coach ! A new GYM Magazine

    Egypt magazine industry is under developed, and people say Print is GOING to be replaced by DIGITAL ! which me as lover of the print believes not. I am sorry just flipping through a paper, does not compare to swiping  down an iphone or clicking clickity away! I AM PRINT supporter and I hate News Week decision to stop print at end of this year. Because once a month i go to the Saloon get my hair done and I grab me a copy and read it while they do away with my hair.
    Anyway in this magazine industry, comes out a new star. The Coach, the official magazine for Golds GYM, its a magazine that helps you through your workout programs have tips all over!  what am i saying check out the online version of the magazine below!

    also who better to explain what the magazine than Imz Khattab, the editor of the magazine

    The Coach has finally arrived! We have been working on producing this magazine for months now, trying to find the perfect formula to appeal to all you gym lovers. It took months of gathering information on what is important to our readers, what they need to understand, what they want to know and then wrap it all up in a very appealing magazine that will be your monthly best friend, and your coach whenever you hit the gym.
    People go to the gym for various reasons, some to lose weight, others to have a perfect physique, some to stay healthy and socialize. Whatever your reasons are, we salute you on including working out in your daily routine, which is definitely a step towards better health and shape. Yet, the aim of The Coach is not only to tell you how to get toned or look good. The concept of physical fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle in general has to be implemented in our society, more than the concept of hot beach bodies for three months a year.
    The Coach will inform you every month on how to get physically fit through workouts, how to improve your health with medical advice from top-notch doctors, what and what not to eat, the supplements that can work for you and others that can harm you, natural remedies to nurture your body and wellbeing and much more. Health from now on, is not only physical health. It’s your whole being reaching its perfect equilibrium, where your mind, body, and soul work in harmony to bring out the best in you.
    As any newborn, The Coach, will slowly grow and improve with every issue. Yet, our work means nothing without our valuable readers’ feedback! Tell us what you want us to feature, tell us any questions you have, or just give us your opinion! Enjoy reading the magazine, indulge in a healthy lifestyle, boast your perfect body, and above all enjoy being a well-balanced, psychologically and physically, healthy person.
    You can reach us on editor@thecoach.com to give us your feedback.

    Imz Khattab
    Managing Director
    The Coach Magazine