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  • The YKE Interview

    Your Kind of Entertainment (YKE) is a new company when it comes to Egypt, but the guy behind Mansour Hassan, is basically getting a bite of “The Big Apple” (NYC) to Egypt. He has been organizing a series of Brunch series across the city on Saturday that has been taking the young’un crowd by a storm. So it being a young’un crowd, I asked help the youngest of the MO4 Network to help out with this interview. Timmy Sent me four questions to ask Mansor.

    TIMMY: Are you aware that your name rhymes with Barboor.

    MANSOUR: Yes I am,

    TIMMY: Have you ever been to Carrefour?

    MANSOUR: I have been couple of times, I don’t know what to say here

    TIMMY: What is your take about the situation in Darfour?

    MANSOUR: I rather not answer

    TIMMY: What are your favorite pyramids at Darshour?

    MANSOUR: I never been there

    Well other than Timmy’s “ooor” questions I had a few of my own, and this is the interview

    What made you come up with idea of brunch ?

    Mansour: I use to live Boston and drive to new york for the weekends and have brunch on Saturday in this small restaurant called Bilboque, which now know expanded to be Bagatelle. It was a small Swiss restaurant, with like 6 to 7 tables and queue of 50-60 people waiting outside of it. What they use to do is start with a seated brunch, with wine and champagne and then they crunk up the music and the people start dancing. I thought something like that would work here especially on Saturdays since they are dead days, and also because with brunch events you can go home early If you have school or work the next day.

    Why did you start YKE ?

    Mansour: Well the brunch is just start for this, I want to have parties in different places every time, with different themed parties not only the brunch series, in order to keep people entertained all time, as people usually get bored of repetition and going out to the same places.

    Was the Birth of the Brunch party your first party in Egypt?

    Mansour: yes

    Why was it such a success?

    Mansour:I know a lot of people and we are a big group of friends, so we are enough to fill up a place. And at the same-time its about a new concept, like going out somewhere no one usually goes to, and at a time that no one does anything in. Also its about an atmosphere, we are creating an atmosphere of fun, and the people since they all know each other and are friends with each-other so they feel more relaxed together and hence MORE FUN.

    Who is your DJ?

    Mansour:Sherif Al Awadi (SHAGGY), is our resident dj, we love his style of music, the crowd loves him and the music selection he has is different yet it is very fitting to the brunch theme. We might spice up things by introducing DUO djs back to back with Shaggy

    The funniest thing in your party ?

    Mansour:Well two things happened at Cairo Tower’s “Brunch in the sky” event

    a) This girl was drunk and needed to go the bathroom, but the bathroom in the Tower are downstairs and its steep, narrow staircase. So she was tripped and got injured. 20 days after the event the girl called me to tell me she is still hurt and she checked yesterday with her doctor who told her the bone was fractured but would heal on its own.

    b) You know how in bars, they have displays for wine bottles, well a girl tried to take a bottle while she was leaving (not knowing that the actual bottle was filled with water not wine as all display bottles are), but since its in the towers she had no escape and had to wait for the elevator. So she got trapped, and the manager started running after her.

    Are you going the Misty & Hafez event at Cairo Jazz Club?

    Mansour: I heard they are very good,I don’t usually go to CJC though, but if I did it would be to hear them play because I heard a lot amazing stuff about them.

    What do you think of Timmy Mowafi?

    Mansour:eccentric, weird, helpful. I think he should win the GAP MODEL CONTEST.http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=207983845937279&set=a.201007496634914.46411.186753471393650&type=1&ref=nf

    Why did you choose La Maison Blanche for your next brunch?

    Mansour:it’s a really nice restaurant, its under-rated and its expensive if you go alone, So I wanted to do it in that place show casing to the people who like to brunch, The place has great food and a great menu, and with all of YKE events we like to do the brunch to be with a Nile view, just like the two previous events did.