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  • The United Republic of Events !

    In Egypt i have to say we are more of event country than we are of actual venus. It might have to do with the fact that we dont have that many outgoing people, and the people that do go out do like change  in sceanary every now and then. hence more events, with different creative theme, gives us that thrill and need to go out ! 

    Well #EventRepublic is becoming a household name now within party goers’ scene. You must have crossed one of their parties, whether it was Party in My Shorts,  Old School Disco, Summer in the City series, Hey-la Hop, and a number of other events. 

    My story with them started in Party in My shorts, see when you live in cairo and you go out, you are always use to VIP sections and normal sections.  Even if there isnt that physical divide, you can still see it via the different group clicks. When i went to Party in my shorts, i was confused, i was like a little bee looking for its honey, i was like where is the VIP section … how am i suppose to know if i am cool or not if i dont have other people to reassert my coolness!! But then as the night went on, something inside of me started growing, this weird feeling, something i havent felt in a long time,  and at that moment i re-discovered FUN

    here i was at a party where everyone had fun ! postive atmosphere ! great music (amr hosny on the decks) ! a bar that does NOT run out ! people who actually mingle and dance ! people who dont look like they have something stuck up their pooper ! it was pure un solicited fun ! maybe even i can borrow the famous cairozoom word…. IT WAS HIGH OCTANE FUN !!

    One thing i noticed in all their parties, that the boys in #EventRepublic, actually cracked the code for a good night out! A guest list of people that actually want to have fun, a nice theme, nice music, and a proper bar = fun. That is their formula for success in all their parties !! they are planning on repeating this formula on October 13th with a series of fort night parties titled “FALL IN THE CITY” !!! 

    Well dont take Fishie’s word for it, i did a mini survey asking regular party goers to describe Event Republic and their experiance with them in one sentences, and check out the responces i got !!

    M.T. : well….love the music….the crowd not so much

    H.G. : Creative with fresh ideas, but need to show up more

    M.S. : i didn’t attend any of their events, but i think amr hosny is awesome

    R.Y. : great music .. wonderful freaks .. it has the embassies parties taste ..

    W.M. : Dynamic, fun and free of pretentiousness

    A.P. : have been present in all ER events and each one was a blast. People, music, venue, room offers. ER staff is very professional and always with a smile on their faces. People, those r the people that u would love to see everyday. The vibe is always awesome fall in the city is there, im read

    A.M. : Actual Fun.

    A.F: they rock!! Very creative and nice clientele

    N.B: always good music + fun crowd!

    M.L.:  their hiphop party in my top 5 parties. Love Event Republic specially when Amr Hosny is playing.

    M.S.: anything is a success when Dj Amr Hosny  on the decks

    M.F.: its one of those parties which you know you wont got hit in head with flying bottles nor you would stumble in a bag of youngins left sacked on the show. my chief interests; music, crowd and location … they got it all. with an all tongue in cheek id say id party in my shorts

    Poke Eventrepublic on facebook  on the following link : http://www.facebook.com/groups/122450157799247/

    or tweet them at @EventRep


    Reem El Waziry says:

    one word : FUN!
    bring on Fall In The City :) )))

    Smiley Roushdi says:

    You're a star.
    Thank you very much for the awesome article and hope to see at all of our events.