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  • The Truth behind CairoGossip!

    People haven’t realized this yet but at CairoGossip we are all about the symbolism.. And it surprises me that no one has actually noticed that yet!

    Most of the time when people read our name on Facebook they see “Kalam El Qahairah” and their brain translates that to the words “كلام القاهرة”.

    Now please read this again “Kalam El Qahairah”.  What does it actually read? It reads “كلام القهايرة” coming from the word “مقهور” referring to how gossip can make people overwhelmed and conquered.

    Why? Well because we are animals. We party too much and we are conquered by the scene, and not the other way round as we’d like to think we’re conquering it and getting to the top. It is supposed to be ironic.

    The next thing is why the petting zoo I’m creating with the names? Why fishie, kittie, duckie, doggie, piggie, nightowl and another two to come? Well animals have always been used in representations and analogies od society. Think of Orwell’s Animal Farm. Think of Pink Floyd’s album Animals. This isn’t to say that doggie and piggie represent the same as Dogs and Pigs in Animals, but still.

    CairoGossip is nothing more than a reflection of the “scene” we are part of… and trust me when I tell you that we are all ANIMALs. We are party animals. We are alcoholic animals. And we are gossip animals.

    We are a group of people who have been shunned from the egyptian mainstream life. Not because we are actually “higher” class because trust me there is a lot of other “higher class” who are not on this scene. No we have been shunned because we are liberal animals who like to party and don’t belong being caged!

    At the end of the day, we are nothing more than a mere reflection of you, with just a little bit of ethics. Which is we always say NO to drugs and NO to smoking. But especially drugs. And we can actually keep a secret.