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  • The Third Current


    Al Tayyer Al thalath

    The Third Current  in arabic < al Tayyer al thalath > is a political alliance that aligns the secular/liberals/socialists people,  who are neither for Feloul, nor for Islamist. I find this interesting because thats what i felt in the last election i was forced to choose between two candidates which none of them represent me, but the Third Current actually does represent me.  The alliance got formed on thursday < while we were in sahel partying it up >.This is news is very important for me, because i get affraid sometimes while we are stuck in our bubble of parties and what not, that we become politically apathetic. We dont end up getting a chance to supporting a cause which will benefit us, and then again it would be too late. For example If the “Manasa” protest happened two months before elections, rather than day before results where published things might have been different.

    So who are people who  voiced their support to the third current.

    - Amr Hamzawy
    - Hamdeen Sabahy
    - Amr Moussa
    - Khaled Ali
    - Abdul Gafar Shukri
    -Other prominent figures present at Thursday’s meeting included ESDP MPs Ziad Bahaa Eddin, Farid Zahran and Ehab El-Kharrat; the Egyptian Socialist Party’s Karima Hefnawy; the Egyptian Doctors Syndicate’s Mona Mina; Kefaya movement founder George Ishaq; author Bahaa Taher; former culture minister Emad Abu-Ghazi; and actresses Basma and Tayseer Fahmy.


    Mohamed ElBaradei, founder of al-Dostour Party, called for launching a “third current against the religious or military state during this critical phase in Egypt” on Saturday

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    Also please note, if you have information on how to get in touch with them, how to sign up part of their political campaign please leave a comment below