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  • The Thawragy Essentials


    This week’s essentials is dedicated to the Thawragy, and we would like to thank our “Resident Thawragy” Hassan Gabr  for helping us come up wit this list. 

    and now on to the essentials!

    1. Attire: Jeans and a hoodie! Jeans are practical and comfortable in all situations and are also good for girls. Also helps to shield from bumps or such things. Hoodie to combat a bit of cold at night and is also practical for girls and for covering your head. This isn’t essential, but a distinctive hoodie will help others spot you in the middle of a crowd.

    2. Smartphone: This is essential for very obvious reasons, but we included it to remind you to make sure it is fully charged to last you the whole march plus the time you spend there. And keep it in your front pocket to avoid pickpockets. And seriously, don’t drain the battery!

    3. Converse! My favorite and most comfortable shoes. And let me emphasize COMFORTABLE as you will be doing a lot of walking and standing!

    4. Fakkah! (Change) You will need to buy water, snacks, batata and maybe the occasional souvenir from tahrir. Pack mostly 20s, 10s and 5s. There’s no need to flaunt larger bills cause they won’t have change for it aslan!

    5. Tahrir Buddy! Like with diving, you should use the buddy system. Always have a buddy or two with you and walk in main streets. Stay away from side streets cause you never know you can run into police, MB or a “mowaten shareef”! Also agree a meeting point to meet at in case you lose your friends and your phone runs out of battery!

    6. Guy Fawks (Vendetta) Mask! Hahaha, ok this won’t probably be relevant to you guys, but to me it’s a message of anarchy against a corrupt system and also helps not being photographed by police while hurling rocks at the police in Mohamed Mahmoud and Kasr El Einy! (We do not endorse violence and are pro-peaceful protest, but since we know some of you will do so anyways we thought we’d mention it. Oh, and some protective gear to keep you away from the field hospitals would also help.)

    7: Tear Gas Solution: now moving on from if you go to Mohamed Mahmoud or Kasr El Einy, have tear gas solution prepared because chances are you will need it. These are the three solutions I use, so choose your weapon (or a combination): Washing you eyes with coke, Smelling vinegar, Epicogel mixed with water used to wash your eyes.