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  • The Tamer Banna Interview

    Its Tamer Banna birthday, so naturally we decided to interview him!! SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY BANNA !! Tamer has recently had a good year when it came to events, most notably for CG Fishie and kittie where the Gouna parties (Cirque Du Soir & Refresh) …. and well he agreed to be interviewed after Fishie begged and begged for it, he initially refused but he eventually gave in to Fishie nagging  power!!

    How are you planning celebrating your birthday?

    Nothing planned yet

    You are not just an event organizer, there is more to you in terms of business, right?

    I am running a family business. It’s a clothing company; we produce t-shirts and sweaters, for the local mass market, with some exporting.

    Which of the events that you threw was your favorite?

    Walahi there are a lot. Recently, I’ve liked all of the events this year, from Aramani, to the Burlesque after-grad and even the latest two Gouna parties.

    Do you have any plans for the big Eid?

    I am working on a couple events in Gouna, planning on bringing some new entertainment into Egypt. They are going to be two events, but think Mediterranean.

    Do you have New Year’s plans?

    Yes, I am planning a new theme, new everything, but this is a big surprise as the venue is a secret.

    What is the deal with Avenue?

    Hassan Abaza is handling Avenue. I have done a few events, and its running more as a café like 3anil.  I am not really involved in Avenue, but it’s a place that I like to host events in, its a nice venue, with a nice space.

    What is your favorite hang out in Egypt ?

    To be honest, khalas nothing is exciting in Egypt any more. There is no wow factor, but I do like the Gouna escapes.

    Cirque Du Soir was a success.. How did you achieve that success?

    Its been a while, and I learn from my mistakes. It took a little while to get the right formula. By now, I know the business by heart. It’s hard for me to make a stupid mistake again. If you think about it, not only Cirque du Soir was a success, it was from the beginning of this year, from Armani, Burlesque, Refresh and Cirque, it was all about the right venue, the service, the music, hot entertainment and the right crowd for the right party. So it’s not a coincidence, you learn a lot you from what you do. Like you right now; you learn a lot from this blog and you adapt. I have made mistakes in the beginning, but now, I think I know how to run the business perfectly.

    What do you think of the rise of the new younger scene?

    Its natural, its expected. They are all over the place, they are mix of everything they have the nice, the beautiful and the vicious, but the majority of them are cool people. They are a breath of fresh air.

    What do you think of the young organizers, any one you like in particular?

    I haven’t been to their events awi to see what they’re doing… Its still to early to see like someone as  you need to see them over time.

    What would you change about the scene?

    I would change the crowd !! (jokingly)

    What is this we hear about you getting more religious?

    I am trying to get closer to God, because I believe everyone has a purpose of living. It’s a gift to be trying to be closer to God, and I have always gone to church, but lately I have been involved in more activities.



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