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  • The Soraya Shawky Interview

    I have been trying to secure this interview for weeks, but Soraya as always is to busy with work. Which is exactly the reason why i wanted to secure this interview, i see soraya as “queen of all trades”.  I always see her on the prawl working, whether its  professional Make up artist, or PR, or even a few new projects she was working on. This interview is divided into 3 sections, first Section is about her work, the second is a bit me and her having fun… or what is called the humor section and third and final section is make up tips she has for the ladies  and girls out there.


    Worst rumor you heard about you?  
    Me being a lesbian 

    Any alleged girlfriend for this lesbian rumor? 
    No, no one in specific  


    What made you start working with Amici? 

    I really like Rawi as a friend, and he had an amazing vision for the place so I took it up as a project to help kick start the place. Also I am good with PR, it comes natural to me. But most importantly I believe in his vision and wanted to be part of this vision.  

    Why did you leave Amici? 

    I took a vacation in mid-july, during which I realized the place was doing well and they didn’t need my help anymore, so I moved on to the next projects I am working on.  I still love the place and Rawi and you might see me there more than often.  

    Next projects? What next projects are you working on? 

    I Cant really say much, but I can give you two hints. 1 project is related to PR and another not PR related.

    When did you start doing make up? 

    Professionally I started with Photoboutique, our first photo-shoot was with Sandra Rizk, it still is one of my favorite photo-shoots. On a non-professional basis I started a very long time ago, I used to do my friends make up before we go to parties, or weddings.  

    I think I even was the youngest girl at school to wear makeup.  At the age of 14 I used to wear eyeliner.  Nowadays you see girls wearing it all the time, but back in my time it was not the norm.  

    Who / What inspired you to become a Make-up artist?  

    My mother. Back then she always had this smokey eye look done almost every day and it looked fabulous . Also when I was younger and I used to watch fashion shows or look at magazines what always grabbed my attention more than fashion itself was the actual make up, the look and feel of the face, the texture of the skin, the bodies.   

    Where did you learn the art of make up?  

    I am actually a self taught make up artist. 

    I have always been curious about your career,  you’re a jack of all  trades, or as here it applies more, tell me more on how you started?  

    Well I have been independent since I was 16, I started my first job in 69 stores as a part-timer, worked in my summer break in Austria and Germany in different hotels and stores, and  then jumped my way to becoming a Marketing Executive at Beymen at the age of 22. Then after that I started going solo into my own projects, revolving around being a make up artist, selling paintings, i managed a few international artists for a short time and then finally PRing. The paintings I sold were shown in some galleries in Maadi and Zamalek. I like working a lot, I am a bit of a workaholic if I must say. People judge me most of the time, when they see me out and about, but the reality of it is, they don’t realize, that when I am not out, I’m actually a very serious working person. 

    Some of my friends sometimes think I am boring or maybe ditching them because I  either work  a lot or busy planning things. When i was younger , 17 or 18 i remember when we first started partying and going out alot, i was either working somewhere as a part timer or painting at home and my friends they’d say I’m missing out on a big piece of having fun. But parties come n go and now am just having fun my way :) )

    I was/still think am a HARD INDEPENDENT woman….everything I earned was on my own – nothing family related, i.e. no family financing. :)  


    Why do you have a blackberry even though el Bawab has one? 

    I don’t compare myself to others, nor do I follow trends, I find what I like and I get it.  

    Do you own any FAKE fashion or item? 

    NO!! I would rather buy a non-brand item than own a fake item 

    Do any of your friends have a fake item? 

    I don’t think so, but one of my friends once pointed out that our friend had a fake bag. I am not sure if it was true or it was because she was fighting with the other girl 

    What is your position on using animals in fashion, such as fur etc? 

    I am against it 

    Do you own anything made out of animal? 

    Well, I have my mother’s items, which is a mink and few furs, and maybe  guilty of a few leather items.

    Which men from the scene you think you should model? 

    Ziad Jallad, Alex Chesnais, Diya No’man, and Ganzoury

    If you would classify the scene in categories what would you name them? 

    • Newbies -> new comers inspired by us  
    • Superflakes -> they think they own it 
    • The Haciendas -> sort of like The Waldorfs from Gossip Girl 
    • The Fartsies -> the Artsy people who just don’t give a damn 
    • The Visitors -> the people that come in and out of the scene 
    • The Satisfied -> the well balanced people, the name says it all  

    What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you?  

    I was speaking to my friend’s parents for like 15 minutes telling them how great their son is, and how we were friends since little kids, etc. then when I was done  my friend told  me by the way … “these are not my parents”  That was very recent btw. I still laugh every time i remember that incident.


    What make up brands do you recommend? 

    Well it really depends on the skin tone, the skin type and a number of other factors, but I personally use different make up  brands whether for professional use such as fashion shows and photo-shoots  or personal use. For professional  use I use MAKE UP FOREVER for the base and then i mix many other brands for the rest of the look.  For personal use I love mac , Nars, and Make up forever and Clinique, but I mostly mix and match.  

    What advice would you give to the women out there? 

    • Beauty starts from within, drink lots of water and take vitamins eat healthy food , stay away from fatty food because fats really affect the skin  and YES wear sunscreen every day! Summer and winter, before you apply foundation or any of your morning make up . 
    • Don’t over pluck your eyebrows 
    • Don’t wear too much foundation and bronzer, the more natural you look the hotter you are , make up is made to enhance your beauty and not make you look plastic.

    • Don’t follow trends, wear make up that suits your face and attitude .