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  • The Sodic Mirror Competition | Fly to Florence


    now this Interesting ! SODIC has a competition, that is classy as it is itself. Its competition is simply based on the ARTS ! where you design a mirror that Reflects you, the winning mirror gets to a chance to get to Europe !!! and also iPADs and iPhones… but who cares about those… we care about FLORENCE !!!

    Check out the details and the brief from sodic below

    “SODIC always strives to support the arts and endorse creative thinking. We thus invite you to take part in this competition, to express yourself by designing your own mirror that reflects who you are. The public will vote on your design and a panel of esteemed judges will grade the ones with the highest votes.”

    Send the following before Monday, 8th of October:

    - A personal bio of yourself: name, age, nationality, education, occupation and background

    - A narrative describing the mirror you are designing (50 words)

    - Your full name, email, mobile number and address

    - A picture of yourself

    - A sketch of the mirror

    Important: Mirror to be no bigger than 1.2m x 1.8m x 0.15m and an original design

    Submit images of your actual mirror by Monday, 22nd of October A customized layout will be designed for you and uploaded SODIC’s official Fanpage Get your friends and supporters to like your mirror

    The mirrors with the most votes will get shortlisted to finalists Voting will last two weeks from Thursday, 25th of October to Tuesday, 6th of

    November The finalists’ mirrors will be displayed in a special event on Friday, 9th of November in the Allegria Home Fair in SODIC’s Sales Centre. SODIC‘s Executive Director of Design Mark El Katcha, Interior Designer Mona Hussein and Architects Hassan Abu Seda and Shahira Fahmy will grade the finalists’ work.

    The mirrors will then be auctioned off for charity.

    What do you win?

    First prize: 3 nights/4 days trip to Florence to visit the Uffizi museum to see the works of Da Vinci and Botticelli amongst others sponsored by Astra Travel

    Second prize: iPad 3

    Third prize: iPhone 4S

    Exciting prizes for remaining finalists