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  • The Silent Socialites.

             In the year of 2011, the word Silent Majority became a buzz word, meaning the majority of the people who dont take the streets to protest or voice their opinions. That aside, there is another keyword that has been buzzing in my head in the past few days, THE SILENT SOCIALITES. And no, this is not related to anything political.  

             The words started ringing in my head ever since I read Amy Mowafi’s latest FEMAIL in eniGma’s magazine October Issue. Where she was giving advice to the girls on the scene, with 6 tips on how to not “ end up feeling like a crazed little girl in a sea of stable, serene and socially accepted Egyptian women.” (At least I think that’s what the tips were meant to be about). Two of the tips she said struck me,

    • Point number 2 in Amy’s FeMail “There comes a point when dancing on the bar is no longer seen as sexy and spontaneous but sad and deluded.“
    • Point Number 3 in Amy’s Femail “This is not Sex & the City. Prancing around town with a gaggle of girls does not make you seem fun or popular. You know what it seems like? Like you don’t have your own family or home to keep you occupied. “

             Before I divulge more into this, let me first start by defining what is a socialite. Google Define says a socialite is “A person who is well known in fashionable society and is fond of social activity.” Hence socialites in Egypt are the people who are famous on our scene and beyond, who have photographs all over cairozoom, who loves to look fashionable and who loves to socialize by partying?

             But are these the only socialites that we know. I have one my best friends, comes a high society family, but he doesn’t like to go out in Egypt much, does that strip him from the title of socialite ? That being said, he is very fashion forward, and he does like to socialize but more in like charity, art events, and like in home events. Shit that makes him a socialite! I am confused on one hand he is a socialite on the other he is not.

      Oh dear god, what is a person to do, my life is chattered I am confused about my best friends socialite status. Ahhhh okay I found the solution in order not confuse my tiny little fishie brain I decided to call him the SILENT SOCIALITE.    

             The Silent Socialite is the socialite that has all what the socialites do, just don’t do it overtly display it to public media (and facebook). The silent socialites are probably the Media are dying to get their hands on. God knows fishie has a list of silent socialites that it wants to get its hand on and start interviewing them.  (note-to-self, try to steal the Quintessentially database!!) 

             Back to Amy’s FeMail, when I was re-reading it I just couldn’t help but think of something, are we destined to grow up and become the silent socialites at some points. Are the party socialites, suppose to go through metamorphism and transform into a silent socialite, magically just like a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly?





    Fishie says:

    Well it was suppose to be saracastic lol

    o says:

    AGREED. What kind of post is this? Who cares who is a socialite or not? You should have followed Amy's advice and instead of trying to be this kind of socialite, just shut up about it. Oh and, did anyone see Insight magazine in July? When they posted that list of men and women who are supposedly "socialites" ?

    ... says:

    Seriously? This is WAY BEYOND pathetic. I can't believe this is what a stupid show like Gossip Girl managed to do to you people. Shame on you.

    "socialite" says:

    hahaha 7araam, thats whats on your mind??