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  • The Roulla Soussou Interview

    ­Roulla Soussou, is a name you must have came across, whether you are a member of Tamarai’s private Facebook group or have grabbed a copy of Insight magazine. Known for her hard work and dedication, I could not miss the opportunity to interview such an amazing girl. Seriously, how many 23 year old girls do you know that are handling two very demanding jobs; PR for Tamarai and Insights editorial supervisor.

    How long have you been working with Insight Magazine?

    I started on December 10th, 2010, as an administration executive for a period of 6 months. One day the Editorial manager decided to leave all of a sudden and I stepped up and took responsibility. Actually, I was over qualified to be an admin but it was my first job and we all have to start somewhere.

    What work have you done with Insight?

    Well, I do a lot of the interviews and continue to interview a lot of artists. Just to name a few, Miriam Fares, Lara Scandar, Lamittah Franjieh (Ms. Lebanon), Ramy Ayach among many others.

    How did you get in contact with these celebs?

    This might surprise you but I get most of my contacts via FACEBOOK. Believe it or not, many celebrities respond to Facebook requests but that is not the only way I am able to get contacts. I once met Shadi Khalaf at a party hosted by Event Republic and he agreed to be interviewed. Sometimes it’s as simple at that.

    Why are there only women on the cover of Insight magazine?

    I guess simply because men are a lot more jealous when it comes to being on the cover than women. I think it’s a macho thing, its either they are the cover of Insight or would rather not be interviewed at all. Hosting women on the cover and this might come as a shocker to everyone is drama-free. So, in order not to upset any of the guys, we only host women on the cover. And of course both men and women wouldn’t mind buying a magazine with a sexy women on it, but if it was a man on the cover I think all men will double think before buying the magazine.

    So how do you manage two jobs?

    It isn’t as hard as you might think. Tamarai is a full time job, with office hours and everything. On the other hand, Insight is only a part time job and my best friend is the editorial supervisor as well, so together we are able to make it work.

    How did you get to be Tamarai’s PR?

    I’ve known Bicks for about four or five years now. We go to the same sports camp, Edge but don’t worry we are not on the same team! Working with Insight also helped build a stronger relationship with him. When Bicks mentioned to Mark, my boyfriend that he was looking for a PR executive, Mark recommended me. So I guess being recommended by someone Bicks trusted and all our former encounters with camp and Insight helped me get the job.

    You are well known for all the activities that take place on Tamarai’s Facebook page/group, what other responsibilities does a PR executive of Tamarai have?

    Facebook is just what everyone thinks I do. I recently worked with Diya No’uman on the staffs uniforms. I help organize the entertainment with Beltagy, network with the media personnel and I foresee the events from A-Z with both Bicks and Beltagy.

    What is something you did at Tamarai that you are most proud of?

    The Christmas party!!! There wasn’t going to be a Christmas party and I couldn’t let that happen. I kept nagging and nagging and you know when a girl starts nagging she probably isn’t going to stop until she gets what she wants. After I finally got approval I went ahead and organized the party from begging to end. It was all worth it after seeing its success and that is by far the most thing im proud of.

     Who do you like more Bicks or Beltagy?

    Well as I mentioned before I’ve known Bicks way before I started working at Tamarai and I used to always fear Beltagy. Whenever I used to see him, he would be standing at Tamarai’s doors yelling and shouting at almost everyone. He always looked so serious. But when I started working for Tamarai I came to realize that he is such a great guy; he is ‘TO7FA’.  I just love my bosses.

    What is the most awkward thing you have seen in Tamarai since you started working?

    Most awkward… I guess it was when one of the GoGo dancers had a major crush on Ahmed the bouncer. Whenever he took her off stage, she kept saying where is Ahmed? Where is Ahmed?!!!

    Other than Tamarai, what is your favorite bar?

    I Love Amici. I love their cocktails and their cheesy pizza.