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  • The Revolution within, Start with Thyself!


    Yes we as Egyptians did a great thing, which is over throw another tyrant government of the Muslim brotherhood, and what a feat it was.

    But truly while our politics gets fixed, while new governments comes, while new elections for the new president after the interm president comes, we Egyptians have a few dirty habits, that we should change ourselves. We should have a revolution of the self.

    Our country is dirty. Period, we can blame as many governments for it as we want, however at the end of the day the government is not our maid, we need to learn not Litter! we need to learn not throw things out of car windows, even if it is a cigarette bud. Companies can take initiatives for cleaning up the areas, small business can take initiative of beautifying the area around it with plants and putting a garbage next to it for people to throw in it trash.

    Yesterday I was having coffee, and I walked almost 300 meters in Zamalek and couldnt find a place in to throw the plastic cup of it afterwards. Eventually took it home.

    We are loud, We are defensive, and believe it or not, we are not so democratic. Egyptians are hot blooded… not just warm but boiling hot! we get into heated arguments once we find the person view infront of us dont match ours, we need to learn to accept other views and understand that other people might have other different opinions.

    Traffic, seriously we can seriously start car pooling, or taking taxis. When going out at night maslan to Tamarai, you dont have to drive, you are getting drunk anyway.. take a taxi, save a life by not drinking and driving, and save the traffic from excess cars.

    Work,  you know if everybody worked with his heart into it, if everybody was truly productive in the work and stopped saying inshallah and procrastinating this country will move forward faster.. but we .. we are the wheels of this country and we are moving slow! If we spent as much time in work as we spend on Instagram, Facebook & twitter … oh god!

    Self-Education! it is for sure the government job to provide proper decent education to the people, we in Egypt for the most part not so much of an educated country, but while the gov can shape up and come up with better education system which could take decades, which is only normal, we need to self educate ourselves, read new things, learn new skills, find interesting workshops, things that can help in the development of this country.

    I guess what i am saying, there is a lot on the government to do, but the weight is not on the government itself, but its on the people on the government, at the end of the day, what is a country more than a “social contract” between the populous and the government