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  • The Return of the Sawiris!


    This is not really new news, this been out for a few days, but a lot of you have been out drinking during easter, that you have been keeping up with the news.

    So Sawirises are back in Gouna for easter, after being welcomed back by a Presidential envoy in Cairo airport, before setting off to their Gouna on a private plane.

    They came back after reaching an agreement with the Tax authorities over the disputed amount to be paid to the tax office. Originally the amount the Tax office was claiming was 14 Billion EGP, however after the settlement and the agreement Orascom will pay half of that which is  7.1 Billion EGP .

    What is interesting is to see now the reaction of the ikhwan, since they use to mock the Sawiris’s then to find that their President, sent a special presidential envoy to welcome them at the airport.

    There was a travel ban on Nassef & Onsi, but not Naguib, as per Reuters, also Nassef, still hasnt came back

    “Authorities issued the travel ban on Nassef and Onsi Sawiris in March as part of the tax evasion investigation into OCI.

    At the time a friend of the family told Reuters it was issued when the men were out of the country. Under the order, they would have been detained on arrival if they returned.

    Although Naguib was not included in the ban, he said in March that he had felt he had “no choice” but to leave Egypt due to the policies of Mursi and his Muslim Brotherhood, according to state newspaper Al-Ahram.”