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  • The Perfect Hangover Cure: Tawazon to Host Well-Being Management Course at Sahl Hasheesh, Hurghada


    As we get closer to Eid, there’s an air excitement across Cairo, as partygoers plan their trips to Sahel, Gouna, Hurghada and other seaside destinations.  But apart from the huge roster of parties on offer, there’s one event that we’re particularly looking forward to – the perfect hangover cure for what is set to be a messy Eid weekend.

    On August 22nd, Sahl Hasheesh, Hurghada will host the Well-Being Management Course; a two-day event that has been put together by Downtown Cairo’s Tawazon Studio.

    The course is not so much a course, but more a journey of physical and mental healing that will focus on meditation, breathing techniques and other stress-busting exercises. But like any good course, these sessions aren’t a quick fix; well-being instructor, Mayana Clerc, will leave you with techniques and methods to help you cope with Cairo’s breakneck speed.

    To book your place on the Well-Being Management Course, call 010 0581 7176 (from Hurghada) or 010 9555 7266 (from Cairo).

    You can also find more information on the Well-Being Management Course Facebook event page.