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  • The One Thing You’re Missing this Holiday Season


    With four days to go ’till [Western] Christmas, Cairo has definitely gotten into the spirit of the holiday……



    Cairo Festival City Mall’s ’3am Santa’ show, 16&17 December


    There are loads of events coming up this weekend, too!  Like this one at CJC, some ‘winter magic‘ at Nineteen Twenty Five, a holiday-themed sing-along at El Sawy Culture Wheel, and more ‘Sant-ics’ at CJC


    There’s something amiss about our Christmas; we’re missing out on Arabic holiday-themed tunes! We’re all familiar with classic Christmas music by Dean Martin and Mariah Carey’s infamous ‘All I Want for Christmas is You‘, but what about Julia Boutros’ ‘El-Leila Jay Yasoo3‘ ? 

    We assumed as much. There is actually more holiday-themed Arabic music out there than you’d think; here’s some to get you in the spirit: 

    Leilat Eid‘ – Fairouz


     ’Dawy bel-Layali Sa3eeda’ – Nadim Barbaari 


    ‘Baba Noël’ – Nelly & Moustafa Amar


    Farah w Zeena‘ – Pascale Sakr


    Soat El-Eid‘ – Fairouz


    De2 Bawabon‘ – Majda El-Roumy


    Hallelujah Weled El-Messie7‘ – Pascale Sakr


    Shu Fee Atfal‘ – Julia Boutros


    Talj Talj‘ – Fairouz


    Miladak Ya Rabbi‘ – Joumana Medawar


    ‘Kol sana w-ento tayyibeen’. 


    By Salma Thanatos Rizk