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  • The Number 10

    the beautiful 10

    The number 10 is such a sexy number if you actually think of about its a combination of two extremes, how do you tell me?

    Well look at the number “|” its just a straight line, with an ending and beginning  … its just straight. Now look at the “O” its a perfect circle with no ending no beginning, its never straight, its never point at one single directions…. see how the number 10 can be filled of opposites.

    Now what does have to do with anything ? well i dont know ! but Soraya Shawky and Laurice Matta have joined forces to give you a beauty salon called 10, probably because its located on Michelle Lutfallah street, but in my opinion its called to celebrate how beauty can be defined differently just as 1 and 0 are… to celebrate the flexibility of beauty, after all these two girls have a very flexible mind when it comes to beauty…. well check out how the girls describe 10  themselves

    the beautiful 10

    Located in 10 Michelle Lutfallah ,Zamalek Laurice Matta and Soraya Shawky are opening their beauty playground “10″ in the begining of April. 

    “We like to offer our clients a little more than just a manicure and pedicure experience, we are fun and creative”

    “10″ offers: 


    Laurice Matta is offering her clients the perfect Nail treatment and Tattoos and Soraya Shawky doing the MAKE UP and her own home made facial treatment.

    It is the perfect place to relax and pamper yourself. 
    Our staff members are all highly trained professionals with experience in performing Nail, Make-up, Waxing and Facial services. 
    Our facial treatment is done using natural ingredients only.

    *Please note that we operate strictly per appointment only to make sure we give you the treatment you deserve.