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  • The Next Step: NO LIP SERVICE!


    The next step is important, we did day one successfully last night, and that is because we practically had two month of preparing, two month of campaigning and PRing for it. Because of that two month build up, it let the release be EPIC!

    NOW, this isnt our first revolution, nor our second, this because i consider nov 19 & jan25 the second revolution, and this is 2.5 or the continuation of the second.

    Typically what happened with the earlier ones, was after the first day of an epic turn out, you would have people on facebook paying lip service saying INZEL INZEL INZEL.

    So here i beg you dont do the lip service on facebook, get off the keyboard, grab your phone, Text, Whatsapp, BBM, Call or which ever form of “DIRECT” communication you prefer with your friends and family and organize that you go down with eachother. I am using the word direct here explicitly because at the end of the day facebook is in direct, you are putting your thoughts out there, direct you are actually getting a response from someone and would go down with them.


    here important things you should know

    BANKS ARE CLOSES AT 1PM, and some branches even close before that.

    Tamarod have announced a deadline Tuesday  2nd of July at 5pm if Morsi doesnt step down, they will march to Qoba Palace where he is staying now, and start Civil Disobedience, Also el Gabha, is organising marches on Tuesday at 4 pm

    Meanwhile yesterday something important was seen, which was police joining in the protests and this important because as the president he has three authorities with him, The Police, The Army, and the LAW, once they start failing and not responding to him, that means his legtimacy has ended according to the constitution. Also there are reports now that the army is on the boarder with gaza, in order to stop Hamas from entering and doing what they did in the first revolution.

    Allah/God bless us all with our fight against the tyranny that is called the ikhwan.