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  • The news headlines

    The newshead lines on  a thursday and a sunday always seem to be most interesting !

    I think we can start with Nicole Saba says the situation in Egypt is worry-some ! ya 7alawtak !  then what i am in love with is that SOS ballons they had all over port said yesterday !  The tomorrow the civil disobediance will start in Cairo. Which makes no sense, since tomorrow is a holiday, but its a protest.  Obviously in the headlines it has been all over the place the honey moon between Noor and Ikhwan is over. For some odd reason, the Ikhwanization of the Army has been a hot topic this week. Finally the Monetary Authority, requires more from Orascom Constructions Industries (OCI) regarding its migration to holland.

    Finally but not least the optimistic, also lying newspaper al ahram highlight that there might be new projects in Sina ! way to go Ahram !