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  • The New Sprite Campaign


    Well its summer time, which means its time to switch from Coca Cola, to the nice crystal clear zesty sister of it! Sprite that is!

    and well sprite started a campaign month back called “Ana Kidda” basically THIS IS ME, THIS MY LIFE STYLE or something along those lines, where they always choose inspirational people from within the fabric of the Egyptian community. Last season they had one of my favourites Omar Samra. Then this season… they have… The young, the down to earth, the fresh, inspirational talented actress, Amina Khalil.

    Can you guess who did the make up in this campaign, well none other than the goto make up artist of cairo Soraya Shawky

    But not only was Amina Khalil featured in this new campaign, but also the hot musician Sary Hany. Girls hands off. But just so that you know Sary is probably the best guitarist in all of Egypt, yes he knows how to use fingers to play those strings, again GIRLS HANDS OFF. But not only is he a talented Musician he is also a producer who did music for popular TV adds  below is a musical compilation he did for MTC carrier,  which won a number of awards including the latest,  Best use of music at the Dubai Lynx International Festival.


    What i like about this campaign, is that well it connects with the people, it really does, it connected enough with me on a personal level that i felt inspired to blog about it.

    Beautiful campaign SPRITE team, as usual. I will make sure that all my mojitos are sprite based from here on forth, and my vodka is mixed with sprite and nothing else. LOVE SPRITE. (p.s. this is not a paid advertorial, and in no way did coca-cola company egypt even ask me to write this.. i just felt inspired)