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  • The new redbull Campaign


    Redbull is part of us, and its pretty cool. You know it, I know it, We all know it. Whether its the redbull pre-gym, redbull with vodka, or maybe even a virgin red bull cocktail..

    After years and years of showing their witty side of the brand (or so they say with their cartoon adverts)   they decided to share another side of them, the serious, dangerous, mind provoking, heart wrenching one ( FELIX … OH FELIX WAS DAMN HOT!!) . The world of Redbull is where they truly meet what they promise “Gives you Wings”; Be the first to experience an exclusive premiere of the World of Red Bull , before it launches on TV for the first time in the Middle East & Africa history.

    The new campaign is called World Of Redbull, its basically about what inspires us ! for us as CairoGossip entity its … كلام . For me as Fishie, i love Running. Duckie… god knows i think he likes sitting in ponds and reading. Kittie she loves to puuurrrty. Piggie loves to go out and loves pictures. Everyone has their inspiration. Which what new WORLD OF REDBULL IS about its inspiration.

    so when you log on their website http://www.redbullmea.com/givesyouwings … and create cool banner like the one above with facebook cover page dimensions, or like the one below with twitter and instagram dimensions. All you have to do is click on “WHAT INSPIRES YOU“” … and if you are like me and you think arabic letters are so much more cooler than english. then go to the bottom of the page and right hand side… change the language from english to arabic. 

    twitter / Instagram dimensions