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  • The new MB government


    We party and we live in our own bubble,  but what happens outside of our bubble does tend to affect us, and by that i mean politics.

    So as you might heard, the biggest news recently in egyptians headlines  was the new government cabinet reshuffle, due to the failure of the government. Well what the opposition wanted was a complete change of the government even with Hisham Kandil himself, as he is being called incompetent, which he is. Even some in comptent person tried to assassinate Hisham Kandil, which he failed miserably, and thank god he failed, because if he succeeeded, it would have given the MB more power and support.

    Anyway not our story, so yesterday 9 new ministers have been appointed and of which all of them where 100% ikhwan. The only maybe non ikhwan member is beGato, but then again as per number of newspapers, the reason why Ikhwan hired Begato, was so that if he is hired in the government he wont be able to testify in a case of fabrication of the presidential elections.

    What is disaster even more now is that finance minister is also ikhwani, which you know what that means for the country finances!

    So egyptians, i would like you to welcome our new government.. we are now 100% ikhwanized!


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