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  • The New iPad Mini


    Apple is hosting an event in two days ! with the title “We’ve got a little more to show you” !

    the little is hinting to iPad mini


    And well all Apple bloggers, and leaked out information is pointing out to the iPAD mini !

    rumored to be 7.85 Inches in size, and of course “Thinner” , with the new lightening port dock, and DUAL speakers !

    in terms of color rumor has it that it has anodized black aluminum backplate.(not like the leaked picture below)

    rumor has it that it will not have retina display..

    regarding 3G connectivity, there has been no reports whether it would have it or not, but i personally think why NOT !?!!?!

    they are saying that it might stuffed with the same guts as iPad 2, with the new A5 smaller processor ?  which  makes me confused is the iPad 3 more powerful than the mini ?

    here is the quote from “ http://gizmodo.com ”

    “Chances are, an iPad Mini would look a lot like an iPad 2 on the inside. That means using the die-shrunk 32nm A5 processor, and probably 512MB of RAM. The only big internal departure from the iPad 2, in fact, would probably be the inclusion of a Lightning port instead of a 30-pin connector. And for what it’s worth, all of the cases and mockups we’ve seen have had rear-facing camera.

    Stuffing the iPad 2′s guts into a smaller iPad Mini makes even more sense after Apple outed thenew A5-powered iPod touch. Tim Cook’s Apple is all about supply chain efficiency. And having sunk some cash into shrinking down the A5 fairly recently for the upgraded iPad 2 and now the iPod touch, it would make total sense for an iPad Mini to squeeze as much out of that component as possible. ”