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    A number of people see CairoGossip & CairoScene as competitors, but those people couldn’t more wrong. We are more like brothers from another mother. We are all about the BROMANCE… and well CG’s Younger Bro has released a hot new website.

    First of you all what you need to know about CairoScene .. it is a HUB, its not just a blog. Again i repeat hub, meaning It is a place where you could go to check  all whats happening in the city, let it be hot new cafes, watering holes, or even watering wholes.

    Being a hub, they have  more just info on what is happening in Cairo, they have the high brow opinion of their  ”Cairo columnists”, where you could follow to know things such as food reviews by the famous Egyptian food blogger David, or my personal favourite HOW NOT TO DO stuff by Timmy. But those are not the only columnists there is more just click here

    But here is one of the things i like,  in the blog it is integrated with Cairo Zoom, with an image slider that shows you images from the hottest events, like for example look at the below screen shot, you would find in this snapshop of Electric Disco right next to it pictures from zoom just sliding… just sliding …and sliding …

    The one thing that caught my attention, more like i fell in love with, is the scene noise, where the used the surrealist boy genius Ziad of Bouklao Illustrations & Skateimpact, I mean look at Baher, Aly Goede, Misty&hafez, Awadi bros, Hosny, Shady Noor

    Basically a Noise Profile, is an artist profile linking, all his event listing, all his pictures from zoom, his music from sound cloud, and even videos  from youtube

    to our cairo scene alf mabrook on the new site,

    p.s. people they might be a little bit younger than me by a year or a  few month, but CS has more than 12 more than regular columnists, they have a calendar that covers the whole city cultural, hot night life events, they host a hub for all of the local artists.. even OKA & ORTEGA, as i repeatedly said CAIROSCENE IS A HUB.