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    Transfer of Sanafir & Tiran Islands Ruled Void - For Now

    The soap opera continues, as a court puts a halt to the transfer...

    Five Parties to Go to in Cairo This Week

    The countdown to the weekend has already begun, but there are some delicious events before then...

    U.S. Things Egypt Needs

    It's by no means perfect, but we do envy old 'murica for some of its perks.

    Oshtoora Festival Cancelled....Forever

    One of the Egypt's most popular festivals has gone to hippie heaven...

    Sinai Travel Restrictions Worsen with New ‘WhatsApp’ Rule

    Planning to go to Ras Sudr or Dahab this Spring? You might need to rethink.

    British Things Egypt Needs

    Belady could learn a thing or two from the British...

    The Baron Sharm El Sheikh: The Epitome of Beachside Luxury on the Read Sea

    It not only ticks all the boxes of a perfect getaway, but adds a few new boxes of its own.

    Start Off the Year Smarter: 10 Hows & Whys from TED-ed

    It's about time you learned something about something! These short videos can help.

    17 Very Likely Predictions for 2017

    Who dies next, and what were they wearing?....

    ZULI's 'HARAGGA3' Gets the Video Treatment

    Kairo is Koming pillar and techno connoisseur, ZULI, kicks off 2017 in style.

    Al Hezb El Comedy Return from Hiatus with Huge Comeback Show

    The comedy collective are back and they've brought a few friends along for their special comeback sh

    Nine Parties to Go to in Cairo This Weekend

    Big things happening this weekend at Zigzag, both of The Taps, CJC and more...

    Cairo Gossip's Top 20 Tracks of 2016

    All the way from Yeezy to the Blackstar.

    10 New Year's Eve Parties to Go to in Cairo

    Where will you be counting down this New Year's Eve?

    New Year’s Eve at The Palace: There’s Plenty Happening at The Kempinski

    It's shaping up to be a busy New Year's Eve over at The Palace...

    Nacelle Announces Busy (And Very Exciting) Start to 2017

    The folk at Nacelle are hitting the 2017 road running with a slew of events in January...

    Hairdresser Cuts Hair for the Elderly, Gives Everyone Christmas Feels

    Small gestures, big smiles courtesy of the Kriss team.