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  • The must read this month


    When it comes to politics its no secret, i am not a literate person. I might know some of the news, some of whats happening here and there … but what i dont know what are the political campaign of each presidential candidate, what i dont know is how everyone thinks … BUSINESS TODAY EGYPT AND EGYPT TODAY  have both created an full in depth interviews with the candidates, they did profiles on them and did statistics !! its actually an amazing guide to everyone program … so i highly recommend that you get your copy now ! p.s.  you can download the issues online from their website http://businesstodayegypt.com/

    however there was one thing that i didnt like, because i both Egypt Today  & Business Today thinking they would have different content on the presidential election, but it was 90% of the same, so recommendation is just buy one of them this month not both, i personally am a business today fan more!