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  • The Malak El Ezzawy Interview


    its a great pleasure to have this interview done with Malak El Ezzawy, she is a young fashion designer, that is sought for by everyone worthy of coture, everyone dreams to get their hands on one of her dresses! and well this month is sort of a special month for her, becasue two things are happening at the same time.

    1. On october 21st she is showcasing in Dubai Fashion Week her Summer/Spring 2012 collection 

    2. The Launch of her Fall/Winter 2011/2012 collection is out! the collection is titled “They Call Me Jewel” to get a full view of the collection just click on this link


    Very important to note on this photoshoot, it was done with OJO Photography, Make up by Soraya Shawky and the beautiful Model is Zayeb Azzam



    Question: Your Grandma is a known a designer Na’amet Deyab, how did that influence you?  Was that your inspiration to get in fashion? 

    Malak:  Definitely she made get into the industry, I used to watch her at a young age, I was fascinated by everything she did, how she handles the machines, the material, the choices.. It was a complex procedure that allured my fascination.

    Question: When did you realize you wanted to be a designer and to pursue that as a career?

    Malak:  When I was at my grandma’s I used to help out with little tasks,  but I got the opportunity when I was 12 years old to design a dress for myself to a wedding event, and I went with a long red dress.  My grandma liked my red dress and redid a similar one for adults and it sold a lot, and that’s when it hit me.

    Question: We hear you recently got engaged? What is the design of your dress going to be like?

    Malak: Correction, erayet fat7a, which is the pre-engagement. I already designed my two dresses for the erayet fat7a, and I shall do two others for my engagement dinner and after party.  I cant say what the designs are going to be, as I would like to keep the element of surprise.   Actually, I never say anything before I wear it or launch it, in order to capture the full reaction of people and get the right feedback from people.

    Question: We also hear your sister got engaged two weeks back? What were her dresses like? Did you design them?

    Malak:  Yes, I designed actually two; one for the home dinner and the second for the after party.  The home one needed to be elegant yet capture her, so I went with a mix of the colors green and champagne. The green to capture her eyes, while the champagne to give that touch of classy elegance, the material used was based on lace mixed with chiffon. The dress was short but in the same time had length for elegance.

    Question: How did your husband-to-be propose?

    Malak: It was a very personal proposal, it was extremely moving and beyond cute, and most importantly it was definitely HIM!

    Question: We know you do bridal dress by order, but do you plan on launching a set of collections?

    Malak:  I feel wedding dresses are a personal thing, obviously a bride to be might like a ready-to-wear dress, but she would most of the time ask for certain alteration to fit her personality on her special day. Which is why I like to stick by order rather than launching a collection.

    Question: Are you considering doing party dresses?

    Malak: Every now and then I do a limited collection and within that collection it includes some party dresses

    Question: What about dresses for the veiled?

    Malak: Actually, I do that. It’s a very big market here in Egypt partly because it’s very hard to find elegant dresses for veiled people in Egypt. So typically either they pick a dress I designed then we alter with a sleeve, but not just extending the fabric, I make sure the sleeve fits in the elegance to not miss out the on the classy touch, or the girls ask for a custom made one.

    Question: Who is your favorite model?

    Malak: Tara Emad, Miss Teen Egypt, I have worked with her in my first fashion show in the Baron Palace. Since then, I have worked with her a lot. Recently, I started working with Zayneb Azzam and I like her too, because she’s a new face and fits perfectly with my dresses.


    Question:  What is your Favorite photo-shoot? Why?

    Malak: The one I recently performed in Fayoum ! It was different and the location was unbelievable. The shoot as a whole had a full experience, we went up there with tents, locals, we had a camel, the full crew of OJO photography which included 4 photographers and video editors working on the making of the shoot, it was a full on shoot, that lacked nothing and it was high on energy and excitement 

    Question: Who is your favorite Egyptian designer?

    Malak: In dresses: Hisham Abou El 3ela, he has elegant and sexy dresses 

    In general: Amina K.

    Question: What about men? Is there any interest for a line for them?

    Malak: A lot of people are actually asking for that, and I am planning on that in the future. However, when I do something it can’t be done off the top of my head, it has to be done right. I am planning on taking more detailed courses when it comes to menswear, and hire a crew who are fit to tailor menswear.

    Question: What is the inspiration behind the latest collection… “They call me jewel” ?

    Malak: It’s basically jewels. Everything in terms of colors in the new collection is centered on the colors of the jewels. For example, you will notice the Sapphire Blue, the Ruby Red, and the Emerald Green colors used. Its all about the depth and intensity of a jewel, color-wise and design-wise too.

    Question: You are going to showcase in Dubai Fashion Week in October, how would you define your show as a success?

    Malak: I guess it’s the feedback. The immediate feedback from the show and the feedback I get later on. Also, based on the interviews I get after the event and of course to see if get orders from fashion buyers. Overall, i think its just the feeling i get at the end of the show when i come out on stage and really feel everyone’s feedback and literally feel: “I did it” .. and it is definitely an amazing feeling. 

    Question: What do you plan on showcasing in the Dubai Fashion Week Show?

    Malak: It shall be the premier of my Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

    Question: Are there plans for other fashion weeks?

    Malak: I don’t know, usually a lot of people ask me that question. I don’t plan it. I take it one step at a time; I take opportunities as they come

    Question: Any Egyptian designer whose work you don’t like?

    Malak: I don’t like to say I don’t like any one because it’s all about taste, what might work for me, might not work for other people and vice versa is true. 


    Lou says:

    thank you so much for nice words and you have such exquisite dresses and it was my pleasure to be your model