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  • The Ganz Interview

    I finally got a chance to interview the owner of event management company byGanz, Ganz himself. Well in this interview you would find out a lot of the questions that has been on people mind regarding the Fun Factory, and also what are the plans for 2012 for byGanz, with “facts straight from the source” (putting between qoutes as thats eniGma blog slogan)

    Rumor has it that New Years Eve, is ByGanz last event, is that true or not?

    GANZ:  Not True, in fact we were just discussing next years plans with our sponsors. We are planning on doing less events but more productions. So in 2012 you will find more quality events planned, with bigger flair.

    Speaking of New Year Eves, what do you have planned?

    GANZ: Think 1001 nights, in an old cabaret, bringing the best of the best in terms of entertainment, some of which are impossible to get.

    Are you a full time partner in Fun Factory?

    Ganz:  Yes, infact we are three fulltime partners, its Me together with  Ingy El  shabrawi, and Nehal Leheta.

    Why did you diverse in Fun Factory?

    GANZ:  when you plan society events like the ones byGanz does, even though it looks fabulous, but it takes a lot of work & effort behind the scenes to organize a party of that magnitude, we are talking about 2-3 months before the party actually takes place. So I decided to join Fun Factory thinking it would be easier, but it turned to have even more work involved.

    Why did you choose SESAME STREET as the first event of Fun Factory?

    GANZ: We are dealing with an agency abroad for kids shows, so we had a few options, we chose SESAME Street, because its been the one show that keeps evolving year by year with new material, its also one of the most influential educational shows for kids in the world and of course, it’s a show, were people our age have grown up with and we are familiar with it.

    Who do you like more Beks or Beltagy?

    GANZ: Sometimes this and sometimes that, but truthfully Beltagy is like a brother to me, we argue sometimes, but just like family argues. Ayman, I grew up to know him as an ICON. Actually I know both of them for over 10 years now and of course I love TINA, she is a sweetheart.

    What about rumors that you are opening a new club?


    Not going to happen. 
    Not in a million year.
    Not interested.
    Not interested.
    Neither now! not ever!

    How many employees byganz?

    GANZ : 9-10 employees

    Why have you not expand outside of Egypt?

    GANZ: that’s not true, we did some stuff in Spain … we are planning on another thing again in Spain very soon.

    If you had unlimited budget what event you would do?

    GANZ: That’s a secret that only to be revealed when I get the unlimited funding, but it wont be a club, it would be related to events.

    What is your favorite club?  .

    GANZ: there is a new club  that opened in Ibiza, called Ushuaia

    What was your favorite event that byGanz did?

    GANZ:  to be honest all of them, there might be one are two that are not upto par but the good ones are a lot. If I choose I will end up choosing like 10-15 events

    What is the worst event that you think was carried out?

    GANZ: I am not going to name it, but will hint at it “Something  goes red, in mina house obur “

    Why don’t you go out much?

    GANZ: If I rather choose, I would like sleep early and go to the gym in the morning,

    Going out much is useless you don’t meet new people, people don’t talk except if they want something and not to mention its too loud. If I go out I would rather hang out for lunch or dinner with close friends then out to a bar or a small club. Plus most of my best friends are not in the country so its better to lead a productive life. I do meet up with Beltagy every now and then

    Why is your birthday parties called MONHARA?

    GANZ: I like the name very much, I take pride in it,  The idea behind it,  is for people to come to my party and tenhar 3ala el dance floor (collapse on the dance floor). If we reach that point in Egypt, where people can actually go crazy on the dance floor that would make an epic party.

    Rumor has it that in 2012 you are focusing on underground events?

    GANZ: No, not true. The only private party that I throw is my birthday at my home. Other than that no underground events.

    What should we expect from byGanz in the future?

    GANZ: we are re-launching our website, expect to see videos of past events that have not been seen in 2011 yet. In 2012 expect less small parties and more focus on MEGA parties, super productions, bigger flair.  We also are looking at doing more corporate events. Finally expect more byGanz products soon to come 


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