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  • the fOursOme Interview

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    With today being the opening of Cairo’s newest and hippest bar,  O bar of course, I got a chance to ask the DJ and PR and Event Organizers a few questions …. With out further introduction … I give you the foursome.

    Amr Hosny

    Rumor has it that you have been excited, jiggly and been researching a lot of new music for the o-bar and opening in particular, so what is that we should expect, and can you give us a few samples of what will be dropped ?

    Music samples!!! what rumor!! what research!! who are you?? hahahahahaha

    Sebastian Moros , Wassem EL Tanahi, Farah El Alfy

    1-  Are you nervous about the opening, what is your worst fear in something going wrong?
    I think I’m the only one that is nervous! My biggest fear is personal… I’m scared that by the time O Bar opens, peeps that didn’t get invited will hate me!! (Guys -it’s not my fault I swear!)

    Seb: I have a fear of heights… I also have a fear of flying…. hmmm, they might be related?! i think it stems from my childhood. Maybe I did not eat enough carrots as a child? Aren’t carrots supposed to give you good eye sight?….. wait, what was the question again?

    Waz: We’re hoping for the best, but I must say I’m a little nervous about the state of Seb’s mental health. He’s obviously loosing it. That and David Hasselhoff make me nervous (don’t ask).

    2-  How would you know / measure the success of the event

    Farah: that guests are happy, even before they have 10 shots each!

    Seb: Someone, anyone, dancing on tables….. dancing on tables is always a sign things are going well. if you see someone dancing on a table anywhere you know you’ve done something right. When I’m happy I always try to find the nearest table to dance on.

    Waz: Ditto Seb. Only the real measure of success would be if i could get on a table and start dancing without it collapsing which is normally what happens.
    3-  what is the plans after the opening

    Farah: Keep momentum going. Keep people coming on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday… you get my drift! I know I’ll be there :)
    Seb: Personally, I’m thinking of taking up pottery…

    Waz: More O Bar  Day in and day out!