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  • The Five Funniest Marwan Younis Videos


    Marwan Younis is a man after our own hearts; the kind of guy you want to buy a drink for and listen to his rants and hilarious antics with his comedic genius of a family (we’re big fans of his mother).

    Creative Director at FP7 by day, video satirist by night, Marwan’s winning formula is that he takes the piss out of everything that we love to mock these days: statues, black spaghetti, Ahmed Moussa, and most recently, Mohamed Karim. His videos go as viral as viral gets (almost half a million views for the last clip) and we’re sure we’re not the only ones that think it’s about time someone gave the guy his own show

    Here are his top five best videos (so far).

    1. Mohamed Karim

    Younis shows no mercy. Our favourite bit is the hashtags.

    2. The Statues

    There’s been a worrying trend of scary AF statues popping up around Egypt’s public squares. Marwan had something to say about it.

    3. That time when someone kept farting on the plane

    4. This Video with His Mother in It

    Or any other video with her in it. Forget what we said earlier  Marwan’s mother deserves her own show, especially for this gem shared by his twin brother, Amr.

    5. His Sahel Guide, Parts I and II

    Brilliant. Watch parts I and II for the full dressing down of the ‘Sahe Experience’. PS, ‘black spaghetti but make it white’ has become our catchphrase.

    By Kalam El Qahaira