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  • the fishie new years resolutions !

    OH FUCK !

    like seriously FUCK ! another year and i have to make plans for a full year in advance (where is the gun)

    okay i know what i want for 2013 !  I WANT NO MORSI !!

    But other than what else is out there.

    Well as CairoGossip, we intend to sort of expand and shrink at the same time.

    Expand, means adding new features to the blog;  while maintaining focus on our features such as Essentials and Tunes

    Shrink, well we have gathered a lot of baggage on the way to 3 years and a half, some of them, some of them bad… we would be dropping the dead weight.

    Also as fishie i have been very “friendly” & “nice” … but realizing that this doesnt cut it in egypt ! FISHIE Will be transformed to sharkie !!! a fish eater !

    Also on another note CairoGossip has been for the past couple of months if you have not noticed been looking at recruiting new Spies.. why a lot of people are asking… Well i wont stay young forever, and someone at some point of time in life needs to be trained to take over the TOURCH from me. But i as everything with life (with the exception of spelling and grammar) am extremely picky. I am looking for certain qualities in the spies, qualities that show that these people are unfazed by the scene. People who think the whole scene is an actual joke. People who realize that there is more to life than just partying it up! I have been through a number of characters and i think i found one, but the door is still open for more spies to join in. 

    we also are going to put more focus on the news, because especially with what is happening around us now its important to keep everyone aware and involved, if we want to get our country back we must fight for it !! and our next fight would be the parliamentary elections