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  • The Fishie Journal: honestly ..


    So i am starting a bit of a new section calling it the fishie journal, i am hoping Duckie would join along with me on this. Because our lives are so damn interesting we have to flaunt it to the world. More like the opposite.

    Well today i want talk honestly about our scene, our bubble. I have been some thinking the past few days, while enjoying my offline presence.  Well i personally have been going out for ten years, if not more. I literally have seen it all, done it all and blogged about it all. I have dealt with people who are.

    I have seen the friend who pretends to be your friends because they want something from you, or people who are there for you because they genuinely find you interesting and want to enjoy talking to you.

    Actually i wrote something in this blog, it was going to be all informative and all that,  but you know what FUCK IT! 

    I am genuinely sick and tired of people with the egyptian scene, of all the people here. of course with the exception of my friends. My real friends.

    People are so fucking fake its not even funny. I think when i was hearing bosaina II sang that song about fake people it really ticked with me.

    People would do anything to go get to their goals, regardless of who they step on, whether its to get into a club, to get their picture taken next to a celebrity  them looking for self-fame, to rule the heard. Its like everyone has a point to prove. and at the end what or where exactly are they trying to prove their point … in this tiny little scene that probably has 4000 players and if extended reach 10,000.

    Isn’t their effort and time is better put to something that actually benefits the country.

    I think this year for me was a real eye opener, because as you know a lot of people left the country including some of my closest friends. So that left me here in Cairo, among my other “friends” and seriously it was a disappointment to figure that these people arent really your friends. P.S.  i am not talking about someone specific, if you are one of those “friends” that think am talking about you.  But no seriously it came out to the extend i would actually go to clubs alone, just to gossip about it. I would mingle with some people there to past time, and chit chat with other “friends”.  But i know, and they know we are not friends, we are just faking our chats, or maybe i know that and they are just to high to realize that.

    anyway as i spent new years outside of cairo, it was just such an eye opener, how shit out life is. I, like you, keep getting lost in this fake world of Egypt  I would try this year to bring more zest to this blog, more perspective, more interesting things to do while still staying true the nature of the blog which is party up bitches !